Toradora! DVD: Complete Edition + OVA English Dubbed

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Number of Discs : 2 DVD
Episodes : 1-25 End + 2OVA
Dialogue / Language : English Dubbed & Japanese
Subtitles : English (On/Off)
Director : Tatsuyuki Nagai
Regions Coding : All code, Region Free

Despite Ryuji Takasu's gentle personality, his eyes make him look like an intimidating delinquent so he is utterly hopeless about his chances of getting a girlfriend anytime soon, and does not have many close friends either. After being greeted by his hungover mother in the morning, Ryuji goes to school and is happy to find that he gets to be in the same class as his best friend Yusaku Kitamura and crush Minori Kushieda. However, it is then that he unexpectedly knocks into "the school's most dangerous animal of the highest risk level" — Taiga Aisaka — who just happens to also be in his class, and is a good friend of Minori.

Toradora! (TV):

  • 1. Tiger and Dragon
  • 2. Ryuuji and Taiga
  • 3. Your Song
  • 4. That Moment's Expression
  • 5. Kawashima Ami
  • 6. The Real Me
  • 7. Pool Opening
  • 8. For Whom
  • 9. Going to the Sea with You
  • 10. Fireworks
  • 11. ≈åbashi High School Cultural Festival„ɪPart 1
  • 12. ≈åbashi High School Cultural Festival„ɪPart 2
  • 13. ≈åbashi High School Cultural Festival„ɪPart 3
  • 14. The Palm-Top Tiger of Happiness
  • 15. The Stars are Far Away
  • 16. Take One Step Forward
  • 17. At Christmas, Mercury is in Retrograde
  • 18. Beneath the Fir Tree
  • 19. Christmas Eve Party
  • 20. Forever Like This
  • 21. No Matter What
  • 22. The Scene With You
  • 23. The Road that We Must Advance on
  • 24. Confession
  • 25. Toradora!

Toradora! (OAV)

One day, Yuusaku brings an extravagant bento box to share with the entire class, which ends up making Ryuuji feel inferior about his own bento making skills. Desperate to beat his bentos, Ryuuji obsessively tries to compete against them, and goes to unnecessary lengths to do so.

Toradora SOS! Kuishinbō Banbanzai (OAV)

Four different chibi shorts with Ryuuji introducing Ami to new food only to end up with Minori for a food show-down.

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