Our Loyalty Program for the Awesome Fans

We greatly appreciate you for choosing us as your go to for movies and dvds. We appreciate it so much that we want to make sure that you are rewarded. Hence, we have come up with more ways than one to reward you for your purchases.

To start off, we have the points program that allows you to accumulate points that can be exchanged as cash rebate and a new tier program that gives you an opportunity to rank up to earn a limited edition collectible as you reach each tier.

Our points program and tier program, earns you a chance at greater benefits in the long run. Make sure you enroll today and get the great rewards we have in store.

Playtech-Asia Coins and how it works.

You will be rewarded with 10 points for every $1 spent.

You can then exchange these coins as cash rebate for your next purchase at 100 coins for $1.

Your points will remain valid in your account for 90 days.

The coins you have collected this year will remain in your account and carried forward to the new calendar year.

Tier levels and how it works.

The tier reward system will run concurrently with the coins reward system so that you can get more rewards with every purchase!

The tier reward system will rank you into different tiers for your accumulated purchase during the year from the calendar date January 01 to December 31.

  • Tier 1 Worm - total accumulated purchase $0 to $249
  • Tier 2 Recruit - total accumulated purchase $250 to $449
  • Tier 3 Rookie - total accumulated purchase $450 to $849
  • Tier 4 Otaku - total accumulated purchase $850 to $1299
  • Tier 5 Chief - total accumulated purchase $1300 to $1799
  • Tier 6 Hero - total accumulated purchase $1800 to $2499
  • Tier 7 Overlord - total accumulated purchase $2500 and above

* Every tier will have a different reward in the form of limited edition collectibles.

* You will be able to redeem the tier reward at the following purchase after reaching a specific tier.

The tier system will automatically reset on January 01 of the following year. This means that you will lose the rank of the tier that you were at the previous year and start from the beginning on a new year. Please note that this will not affect the points you have collected as those will expire after 90 days from date you earned them.

Earning Referral Coins

"Word-of-mouth" advertising is the most powerful form of advertising there is. Referral Coins is based on the idea that we should both benefit from your referrals.
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