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Sweet 18 DVD (Deluxe)

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Title Name : Sweet 18 DVD (Deluxe) Number of Discs : 4 DVDs Starring : Lee Dong Gun, Han Ji Hye, Lee Da Hae Dialogue / Language : Korean/Mandarin Subtitles : English/Traditional Chinese/Malay Regions Coding : NTSC, All Regions

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This is a hilarious romance comedy starring the loveable Han Ji Hye as a sweet 18-year-old bride married to the handsome prosecutor played by Lee Dong Gun. It's believed that their on-screen romance in this drama spark off an off-screen romance as well.

The drama begins with Hyuk Joon’s (Lee Dong Gun) grandfather, the patriarch of the respectable and very traditional Kwon household, agreeing to a pre-arranged marriage between his at-the-time 10-year-old grandson and the new-born granddaughter of his best friend, Jung Sook’s (Han Ji Hye) grandfather. However, the family of Jung Sook’s grandfather soon runs into debt and in the middle of the night, they quietly leave the Kwon household so as not to bring shame upon them.

Fast forward 17 years later and Jung Sook is all grown up now and in her final year of high school in preparation for her university-entrance exams. Her grandfather and father have by now passed away and she was brought up in a poor environment by her mum who owns a small laundry shop. However, Jung Sook is chirpy and strong-willed girl despite her background and definitely very cheeky. She unfortunately does not have much of an interest in her studies and often goes shopping and to discos with her ‘gang’ of four close friends, known in school collectively as the ‘five mirror princesses’.

It is during one of these disco outings that Jung Sook ends up meeting her future husband, Hyuk Joon, although it is not in the best of circumstances. Hyuk Joon, a prosecutor has led his team to the disco to arrest a targeted gang leader but failing to do so, end up arresting underage entrants to the disco instead. Jung Sook, not yet 18, is one of those arrested and the awkward circumstance of their meeting is used to generate a few laughs. At almost the same time, Hyuk Joon’s grandfather who has been looking for his long-lost friend over the years, finally locates Jung Sook’s family’s whereabouts and send Hyuk Joon’s uncle to formalise the details of the pre-arranged marriage with Jung Sook’s mum. Upon learning of the marriage, Hyuk Joon and Jung Sook of course are very much opposed to it with Hyuk Joon thinking of Jung Sook as an immature brat while Jung Sook sees Hyuk Joon as an old boring nerd...