Hunter X Hunter DVD Complete Edition + 3 OVA English Dubbed

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Number of Discs : 4
Episodes : 1-92 End + OVA
Dialogue / Language : English Dubbed / Japanese
Subtitles : English
Director : Kazuhiro Furuhashi
Regions Coding : All code, Region Free

Gon Freecs, a young boy that lives on a small island learns that his father who he doesn't remember is an extremely famous man and has become somewhat of an amazing hunter. Gon takes the hunter exam to seek out his amazing father, but on the way while teaming up with 3 other candidates, Kurapica, Leorio, and Killua, he learns that there is more to becoming a hunter and the challenges that he must face will be beyond his imaginations.

Hunter X Hunter + OVA Episodes:

   1. Boy Going on a Journey x Leaving a Sound of the Wind
   2. Encounter x Intimidation x Depature
   3. Pride x Stormy Ocean x Duel
   4. Decision x Shortcut x Long Way
   5. Lie x Truth? x Kiriko
   6. Steak x Marathon x Exam Begins
   7. Trauma x Limit x Sweet Trap
   8. Magician x Smile x Wild Animal Warning
   9. Menchi x Seriously Pissed x Second Exam?
  10. Failing Score x Panic x Voice From Heaven
  11. Explore x Sports Spirit x Stowaway
  12. Good Boy? x Bad Boy? x Killua
  13. Agreement x Disagreement x Trap
  14. Candles x Principle x Internal Feud
  15. Transient x Life x Majitani
  16. Rock x Scissor x Heart
  17. Three People? x Five People? x Last Choice
  18. Treasures x Rememberance x Hotel's Little Room
  19. Separated x Diary x Water Immerses
  20. Giant Wave x Cannon x Huge Rush
  21. Fourth Exam x 44 x Number of Death
  22. Found Him! x Hide! x Catch Up!
  23. Hizoka x Crash x Gon
  24. Damage x Resume x Fake Smile
  25. Slimy x Stingy x Inside a Cave
  26. President x Interview x Paper Test
  27. Hisoka x Kurapica x The Spider's Whisper
  28. Chat x Excuses x Comparing Guts
  29. Passed! x Failed? x End of Exams
  30. Killua x Drop Out x Turn Back with Force
  31. Dismissed x Party x Enemies are Bound to Meet
  32. Tour x Tourist Attraction x Killua's House
  33. Addestramento X Cane X Sbam
  34. Skateboard x Probationer x Real Intention
  35. Killua x Punishment x Family Conference
  36. Coin x Reunion x Change of Clothes
  37. Sky x Fighting x Cultivation of a Samurai
  38. Burn x Idea x Nen?
  39. Convene Skill x Register x The Fight Begins
  40. Two Month's Rest x Restrict Spirits x With Spirits
  41. Bandage x Blow x Last for Winning
  42. Hisoka's Love x Duel x Gon's Earnestness
  43. Ability x Annoyance x Instinct of Slaughter
  44. Slice x Solve x The Experiment Ends!?
  45. Restrict x Vow x Punishing Chains
  46. I Came Back x You Are Back x I am Killua
  47. Father x Secret x Claim
  48. Kurapica x Black Eyes x First Job
  49. Sounds in Heart x Kurapica x Life-Threatening Chain
  50. Killua x Big Fortune x Hunter Bar
  51. Spiders x York x The Staff
  52. Underground Auction x Annihilation x Machine Gun
  53. Ryodan x Injiyuu x Community
  54. Hisoka x Alliance
  55. Ubo x Kurapica x Senritsu's Conscience
  56. Scarlet Eyes x Final Battle x Cost of Life
  57. Gon x Treasure x Dangerous Man
  58. Gon x Killua x The Fatal Shot
  59. Spiders Web x Captured x Assassin Technique
  60. Kurapica x Genei Ryodan x Zoldicks
  61. Conglomeration of Spiders x Final War x Zoldick Family
  62. Kurapica x The End x Partners of Mirage

Hunter X Hunter (OAV)

Gon and Killua help Kurapica search for the Spider Gang in order to seek revenge for horrors commited in the past. Continuation of TV Series.

Hunter X Hunter (OAV) Episodes:
1. Spider x Corpse x Fake
2. Friends x Costumes x Hell's Ear
3. Pursuit x Escape x Spiders on the Run
4. Hostages x Insignificant Bugs x Communicated Emotions
5. Report x Darkness x Released Chain
6. Dispute x Breakup x Swinging Fist
7. Exchange x Revenge x Discipline Chain
8. Thoughtfulness x Hopelessness x The Spider's Downfall 

Hunter X Hunter: Greed Island (OAV)


To further his quest to find his father, Gon Freecs and his friend Killua enter the world of Greed Island, a video game which Gon's father helped to create. Once inside the world of the game, Gon and Killua are faced with a combination of new allies and new enemies.

Hunter X Hunter: Greed Island (OAV) Episodes:
1. Auction x Plan x 80 Percent
2. Electricity x Aura x Special Attack
3. Ren x Tests x Everyone's Journey
4. Start x Spell x The Town of Prize
5. Invitation x List x Rock, Paper, Scissors!
6. Take x Taken x Card Hell
7. Bandit x Monster x Biscuit
8. Training x Raw Ore x Scissor Hands 

Hunter X Hunter: G I Final (OAV)

Gon's and Killua's journey through Greed Island continues. Searching for his father, Gon wanders round Grees Island until meeting Bisuke. Bisuke serves as their master and trains Killua and Gon and enhance their abilities. The three encouter many troubles, as well as clues to Ging's whereabouts, and strived to emerge successful.


Hunter X Hunter: G I Final (OAV) Episodes:
1. Masadora x Big Strides x Mad Bomber
2. Without Nen x New Year x Hunter Exam
3. An Encounter x Kuroro x The Gold Dust Girl
4. Contact x Reiza x A United Front
5. Meeting Again x Hisoka x Sporting Event
6. Lighthouse x 8 People x Game Master
7. Paper x Rock x Rock
8. Unite x Impact x Bungee Gum
9. Struggle x Pinch x War Declaration
10. Stakeout x Preparation x Battle Start
11. Bisuke x Killua x New Special Attack
12. Energy x Stiffness x Little Flower
13. Crueltiy x Determination x Climax
14. Game x Everything Cleared x Finale

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