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When Rules Turn Loose DVD (TVB)

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Number of Discs: 4 Starring: Liza Wang Ming Chun, Patrica Liu Chuk Ki, Mayne Lai Yiu Fung, Sa Episodes: 21 Dialogue / Language: Cantonese/Mandarin Subtitles: English Regions Coding: All code, Regiona Free

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When Rules Turn Loose 识法代言人 Vol.1-21 End DVD 

Suen Man Yee (Liza Wang) is highly regarded in the "legal world," so she is temporarily appointed to be a judge. However, because of her husband's heart condition (played by Ha Yu) and her two daughters (Patricia Liu and Myolie Wu), she decides to give up her position as a respected lawyer to take care of her family.

When Man Yee's law firm hires a new attorney, Ching Hok Kan (Sammul Chan), his attitude towards law is different from what is accepted, as he does not handle matters according to the "book." This causes difficulties to Man Yee, but since she appreciates his sincere heart, she decides to train him to become a useful member of society.

Kan's appearance helps change the youngest daughter's (Myolie Wu) outlook on relationships , who has had bad love experiences in the past.

On the other hand, the eldest daughter (Patricia Liu), who is already married, has marital problems, so she divorces her husband. She falls for one of her mother's colleagues, causing conflict between her mother and her colleague.