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Torrent - Do You Remember Me? DVD

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Production : NHK 2013 Title Name : Torrent - Do You Remember Me? DVD Number of Discs : 3 DVDs ( 8 Episode) Starring : Rena Tanaka, Kenta Kiritani, Ryoko Kuninaka & Rie Tomosaka Dialogue / Language : Japanese Subtitles : English/Chinese Regions Coding : NTSC, All Region Code

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Five former middle school classmates receive an email from a girl who was their classmate, but disappeared on a school trip 20 years ago. The email causes the five former classmates to meet once again.

35-year-old Keiko Misumi (Rena Tanaka) used to work at a publishing company, but suddenly was fired from her job. Takako Kawano (Ryoko Kuninaka) was very popular with the boys in middle school. She is now a housewife, but works as a prostitute on the side. Miya Akiyoshi (Rie Tomosaka) hoped to become a musician, but failed. Koji Higashihagi (Kenta Kiritani) now works as a detective. Yutaka Sabashima (Koji Yamamoto) works at a bank and is divorced.

These five former classmates now become involved in a strange case.