The Simpsons Game (PS3)

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Genre : 3D Platformer
Developer : EA Games

Each family member has a unique ability, such as Lisa turning into Clobber Girl, or Homer’s hot Insanity Peppers. The references to old episodes are also quite amusing, especially fighting the giant animated Lard Lad statue. The game is of decent length, shame you finish it once and there’s nothing else to gain. Perhaps down the track a replay may be of entertainment, but even exploring to get the collectibles is pretty futile. There’s heaps of collectibles for each family member throughout Springfield and each level. Too damn bad then that the 360′s achievement is only if you get every last one, and there are a LOT, so unless you’re super keen to spend hours collecting all these you may as well not bother with collectibles.


If you’ve played a third person beat ‘em up or even a past Simpsons game it’s not too hard to imagine the gameplay for The Simpsons Game, it’s really what you’d expect. Controls are adequate, combat is repetitive (helped by different abilities for each character) yet kind of bland. It then doesn’t help that Comic Book Guy goes around pointing out everything bad about this game and video games in general while you play it but I guess that’s the sadistic bastard he is.Written by Tim Long, Matt Selman and Matt Warbuton (creators of TV episodes) The Simpsons Game shines and proves that the creators of this game really do know something about video games. The constant cracks at EA Games and the video game industry are an absolute riot, even down to the bribe-taking evil EA rep in the hot spa with Mayor Quimby, selling the new “Grand Theft Scratchy”. Once again I can’t stress the comedic value in playing through the entire Simpsons Game (God plays DDR, did you know?) and the odd relevance towards the industry today. Will Wright even makes an appearance, warranting a purchase alone.

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