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Strawberry Eggs : Complete Edition

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Title Name : Strawberry Eggs vol. 1-13 end Number of Discs : 1 pcs Dialogue / Language : Japanese/English Subtitles : English/Chinese

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Hibiki Amawa has always wanted to be a kyoshi, specifically a teacher a local middle school. The problem: the school only employs female teachers. With the help of his landlady, Hibiki disguises himself as a woman and lands his dream job. After quite a few teaching successes, Hibiki finds himself trapped in a love triangle with a few of his students. He must reconcile his feelings for Kuzuha while deciding the future of his teaching career. To make matters worse, Reiko, the vice-principal, has discovered Hibiki's secret and plans to use it as the key to turning the school into an all girls' school. Will his students stand by him when they find out that Amawa-sensei is actually a man?