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One Piece 7: Box Set (DVD)

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Number of Discs : 4
Episodes : 301 - 353
Dialogue / Language : Japanese
Subtitles : English (On/Off)
Regions Coding : All code, Region Free

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Before he was exacuted, the legendary Pirate King Gold Roger revealed that he had hidden the treasure One Piece somewhere in the Grand Line. Now, many pirates are off looking for this legendary treasure to claim the title Pirate King. One pirate, Monkey D. Luffy, is a boy who had eaten the Devil's Fruit and gained rubber powers. Now he and his crew are off to find One Piece, while battling enemies and making new friends along the way.

One Piece 7:

  • 301. Spandam Shocked! The Hero Who Stands on the Tower of Justice
  • 302. Robin Released! Luffy VS Lucci: The Peak of the Decisive Battle
  • 303. The Criminal is Boss Luffy? Pursue the Missing Great Sakura
  • 304. If I Can't Win, I Can't Protect Anyone! Gear Third Activates
  • 305. The Frightening Past! Dark Justice and Rob Lucci
  • 306. An Illusionary Mermaid Appears? Within Fading Consciousness
  • 307. The Island Sinking by Gunfire! Franky's Regretful Outcry
  • 308. Wait for Luffy! Mortal Combat on the Bridge of Hesitation!
  • 309. The Feelings Shown With Fists! Luffy`s Full Strength Gatling
  • 310. A Friend, from the Sea! The Straw Hat Crew's Strongest Bond
  • 311. Everyone's Great Escape! The Path to Victory is for the Pirates
  • 312. Thank You, Merry! The Snow on the Sea of Farewells
  • 313. Disturbed Peace! The Marine Vice-Admiral with the Fist of Love
  • 314. The Ultimate Lineage? Luffy's Father Revealed!
  • 315. As for the name: New World! Whereabouts of a great route
  • 316. Shanks moves! The wedge into the times when it drives recklessly
  • 317. The Yagara-Searching Girl! The Great Investigation in the Water Metropolis
  • 318. The Mother is Strong! Zoro's Slapstick Housework Help
  • 319. Sanji's Shock! The Mysterious Grandpa and His Incredibly Delicious Cooking
  • 320. Everyone's Finally Wanted! The Crew of Over 6 Hundred Million!
  • 321. Face the Sea, King of Beasts! The Dreamship's Grand Completion!
  • 322. Farewell, My Dear Followers! Franky Departs
  • 323. Leaving the City of Water! Distinction of the Manly Usopp's Duel
  • 324. Circling Bounties! Hometowns Dance as the Ship Advances!
  • 325. The Most Disastrous Ability! Blackbeard's Darkness Attacks Ace
  • 326. Mysterious Party of Pirates! The Sunny and a Dangerous Trap!
  • 327. Sunny in a Pinch! Roar, Secret Superspeed Mecha
  • 328. The Dream Sinking in the New World! The Pirate of Despair, Puzzle
  • 329. The Assassins Attack! The Great Battle Above the Ice Begins
  • 330. The Hard Fights of the Straw Hat Crew! The Pirate Soul Banking it All on the Flag!
  • 331. Hot Full Throttle! The Twins' Magnetic Power Draws Near
  • 332. The Great Chaos Mansion! The Angry Don and the Imprisoned Crew
  • 333. The Phoenix Returns! The Dream of the Pirate Flag Sworn to a Friend
  • 334. The Red Hot Decisive Battle! Luffy vs. the Scorching Don
  • 335. Waiting in the New World! Farewell to the Courageous Pirates
  • 336. Chopperman Departs! Protect the TV Station by the Shore
  • 337. Venture Into the Devil's Sea! The Mysterious Skeleton Floating Through the Fog
  • 338. The Delight of Having Met People! The Gentleman Skeleton's True Colors
  • 339. The Thrill of Mysterious Phenomena! Disembarking at Thriller Bark
  • 340. The Man Called a Genius! Hogback Appears!
  • 341. Nami in Big Trouble! The Zombie Mansion and the Invisible Man
  • 342. Mystery of the Zombies! Hogback's Nightmarish Research Laboratory
  • 343. His Name is Moria! Trap of the Great Shadow-Holding Pirates
  • 344. Feast of the Zombie Song! The Bell of the Night Raid is a Song of Darkness
  • 345. Filled with Animals!? Perona's Wonder Garden
  • 346. Dissapearing Strawhat Crew! The Mysterious Knight Appears!
  • 347. Remaining Chivalry! The Traitorous Zombie who Protects Nami
  • 348. Coming from the Sky! That Man is the "Humming" Swordsman!&quot
  • 349. Luffy in an Emergency! The Destination of the Strongest Shadow!
  • 350. The Warrior Called a Demon!! The Time of Oz's Resurrection
  • 351. Awakening After 500 Years!! Oz Revives!!
  • 352. Conviction Strong Enough to Beg for One's Life!! Brook Protects his Afro
  • 353. A Man's Oath will never Die! From Far Memories to the Waiting Friend
Alternative Titles:

All'arrembaggio! - One Piece (Italian)

Tutti All'arrembaggio (Italian)

GenreAction, Comedy