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Japanese Drama : Doctors Saikyou No Meii DVD (最强的名医)

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Title Name : Doctors Saikyou No Meii / 最强的名ࡒ
Version : Japanese
Number of Discs : 3 Discs
Starring : Sawamura Ikki, Takashima Masanobu
Subtitles : Chinese / English
Screen Format : DVD / NTSC & All Region Code

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Donoue General Hospital is operating in the red. Its doctors take joy rides in their luxury foreign cars, and spend their time drinking and playing each day; indifferent to the deaths of patients. Its nurses have no motivation. The surgeon, Sagara Kosuke (Sawamura Ikki), arrives at this hospital, having spent a year off work after resigning from a university hospital. Sagara who was found on an online registry of doctors, tells the hospital director, Donoue Tamaki (Nogiwa Yoko), that she can give him a raise after observing his performance. Although she remains distrustful, she decides to hire him. Sagara treats patients with smiles and kind words. At the same time, he also has a ruthless side. The death of his beloved wife has spurred him to use any means including threats, deception and pressure for the sake of the medical treatment he believes in. While going around the hospital on an inspection, Sagara comes to the operating theatre. Donoue General Hospital’s ace surgeon Moriyama Takashi (Takashima Masanobu) is operating on a patient with pancreatic cancer. But the patient’s condition suddenly deteriorates during the surgery. While Moriyama and the attending doctor (Ito Ran) are flustered, Sagara appears inside the operating theatre?!

Sagara Kosuke (Sawamura tree ornaments) is a treatment of patients with enthusiastic and sincere smile, holding a "rescue patients save" belief genius surgeon, he entered a difficult operating hospitals, met a group of completely not the sake of the patientshealth care workers. Only strategy ambition of doctors Tucson Mountain Zhuo (Takashima political stretched ornaments), 9 years of nurse experience already psychosomatic numbness of the Palace of the Ministry of Zuo knowledge (than Kerry love the late ornaments), anything are the loss of confidence in the phase of the original Asian American (Kurokawa Chi floral) and others, his efforts to other health care workers with probation and influence of his enthusiasm and belief in the hospital.