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I want to be Happy! / Shiawase ni Naritai DVD

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Title Name: I want to be Happy! / Shiawase ni Naritai DVD Number of Discs: 3 DVDs (11 episodes) Starring: Fukada Kyoko, Tanihara Shosuke, Ihara Tsuyoshi, Tsurumi Shingo, Dialogue / Language: Japanese Subtitles: English/Chinese/Malay Regions Coding: NTSC, All Regions

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Hikari, the daughter of a family who can only be called "dirt poor". She lives with her alcoholic mother and two young brothers. The father has gone off somewhere trying to make money for some time, but it is soon revealed that he is now deceased. At Japanese funerals, visitors to the funeral bring money to help the family of the deceased pay for the funeral, but during the funeral for Hikari's father, some loan sharks come and take this money. They inform the family that Hikari's father has left behind a rather large debt with them, and that the family will now be expected to repay those debts in lieu of the father. Hikari tries to fight the loan sharks, only to be humiliated. Now the family is really in financial trouble. They had no money to begin with, and now they are at the mercy of the loan sharks who are relentless in their collection methods.

Through her friend Hasegawa who works as an assistant producer at a television studio, Hikari gets a job as a janitor at the TV studio building. She has to drop out of high school in order to work, and she isn't particularly good at her job and is scolded a bit for her mistakes. Hasegawa works under a producer named Nagai (Matsushita Yuki), and he is an even bigger screw-up than Hikari. He accidentally mis-schedules the filming of the drama so that it conflicts with the actors' schedules. Nagai is a very busy producer who is serious about her job, and she would love to have a better assistant than Hasegawa.

Nagai is producing a TV Drama that has been receiving low ratings, so she has to ask the writer - an old and well-respected (but sexist) man - to rewrite the last episodes in hopes of improving ratings. She manages to convince him to do this, and soon receives a large hand-written manuscript and asks Hasegawa to type all of it before the next day. Hasegawa tries his utmost to accomplish this task, but ends up falling asleep at the keyboard. When Hikari comes to clean the office, she sees Hasegawa asleep with the manuscript, and decides to help him by typing the rest of the script. She has some trouble reading the handwriting, so she decides to take a few liberties by rewriting certain parts to her liking...