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Version : Japanese
Number of Discs : 3 pcs
Starring : 中井貴一 KIICHI NAKAI 唐澤&#
Subtitles : Chi/Eng

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The Keigo Higashino the reasoning units drama "collection of short stories from popular Japanese writer Keigo Higashino" There is no murderer Deadly Night "strange people" when "culled 11 works in the form of unit play made ​​into a Japanese TV drama Kyoka Suzuki, Sakaguchi Kenji Toda incense, Miura Haruma, Hirosue respectively unit drama starring "regeneration the magic of female", "no murderer Deadly Night", "white weapon", "little prank story "," marriage report.

Drama series consists of 11 episodes based on short stores from mystery writer Keigo Higashino. The 11 short stories are collected from three novels "Hannin No Inai Satsujin No Yoru," "Ayashii Hitobito," and "Ano Koro No Dareka"."Sayonara Coach" Junichi Ishigami (Toshiaki Karasawa) is the coach for an archery team. One of his players, Naomi Mochiduki, is unable to take part in the Olympics and then she kills herself. The players are dismissed and the coach is forced out of the team. Later, Junichi Ishigami's wife is attacked by Naomi Mochiduki's stalker. What is the truth behind Naomi Mochiduki's death?

"Endless Night" - Set in Osaka, Atsuko Tamura (Nao Matsushita) investigates the murder mystery involving her husband's death.

"Reiko To Reiko" - Attorney Atsuko Tamura (Arisa Mizuki) becomes involved in a murder case committed by a mysterious girl.

"Amai Hazu Nanoni" - Nobuhiko Nakagawa (Takashi Sorimachi) lost his daughter in a mysterious accident and is agonized by the traumatic event.

"Charade Ga Itpai" - Yayoi Aoyama (Masami Nagasawa) follows the clues for charade, left by her murdered lover.