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Good Bye, My Secret Friend DVD

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Title Name : Good Bye, My Secret Friend / 再見,小池
Item Code : MIR 1098
Version : Japanese
Number of Discs : 1 Disc (Movie)
Subtitles : Chinese / English / Malay
Screen Format : DVD / NTSC & All Region Code

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Do you remember that someone was always there with you? Ike-Chan is a mysterious creature who changes color and share freely, always by Yoshio's side when he was young and only visible to him. Ike-Chan has always watched over Yoshio, even when his father died or when he was bullied, but starts fading away as Yoshio matures. That is when Ike-Chan tells Yoshio something unknown about the future.

Remember when the most good playmates it? Yi-nan (Fukasawa Arashi "sub Fox Story") self-understand sexual start a slide toot, to understand deformation discoloration the mysterious biological Koike (Aoi voice-over) to accompany him, and the only righteous man can see it there. The Friends omniscient magic When righteous men being bullied or his father passed away, Koike also silent guardian side, share happiness and sadness growing. However, With Yoshio grow up, Koike finally to leave; At this time, it tells Yi-nan on the end to the secret ...