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How to get free FedEx shipping

Free Shipping and Shipping Fee Update

As always shipping is free for all purchases above $150 / 142.14EUR / 124.43GBP / AUD 219.08 / CAD203.66.50 / CHF152.60 / NZD230.63 at Playtech-Asia. This means that you will save more when you bundle all your favorite DVDs together in one purchase.

Global shipping prices has been steadily rising with the ongoing international conflict and the fluctuating crude oil prices and is directly affecting the cost to ship products internationally. Playtech-Asia had adjusted it’s shipping fee with an increase of $1 for all parcels as of February 01, 2024 in accordance with the increase in global shipping prices. We will however, do our part in monitoring the different shipping channels and rates for ongoing development.

We understand that this may affect our customers, hence we will keep offering the free Fedex shipping option for all orders above $150. This free shipping promotion will be provided to all of our customers indefinitely unlike our other promotions in the past.
  • Shipping Fee Increase by $1.00
  • Free Fedex Shipping for all orders above $150
Please note that all prices stated above are in USD.
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