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Delicious Proposal / Oishii Puropozu DVD

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Title Name:Delicious Proposal / Oishii Puropozu DVD Number of Discs:3 DVDs (11 episodes) Starring:Hasegawa Kyoko, Koide Keisuke, Nishimura Masahiko Dialogue / Language:Japanese Subtitles:English/Chinese/Malay Regions Coding:NTSC, All Regions

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Say you were a single woman at a marriageable age and a young, charming, and wealthy man of high social standing proposed to you. What would you do?

Suzuko Shiraishi, a strong-minded attractive female chef, is known for her foul mouth and masterly cooking skills. With an attitude like hers, she would reject such a proposal without a doubt. Suzuko works at an Italian restaurant and dreams of opening her own restaurant someday. A new manager is hired for the Italian restaurant – Haruki Katsuragi, a naïve and stinking rich young fellow. Suzuko wants the restaurant to be an authentic Italian cuisine with mass appeal but Haruki demands a high-end place designed especially for celebrities. The two don’t click from the start. Will there be a tasty proposal?

Suzuko Shiraishi (Hasegawa Kyoko)
A female chef who trained in Italy. Together with the manager, Tamio Okouchi, she runs an authentic Italian restaurant known for their reasonable prices. Suzuko’s father ran his own restaurant before he passed but it was sold to pay off her elder brother, Toru’s debt. She dreams of opening her own restaurant someday. The waitress, Maki Kashiwagi, and Suzuko are high school buddies and are rooming together.

Haruki Katsuragi (Koide Keisuke)
A young wealthy guy. The son of Dozo Katsuragi, chairman of a major food service company. Haruki is pressured by his father to be like his late-brother. His secretary and chaperon, Takanobu Okouchi, is often pushed around by his aggressive personality. His childhood friend, Michiru Asakura, is obsessed with him but he’s interested in his brother’s former fiance, Saori Shimazaki. Unable to tell Saori his true feelings, Haruki takes her to Suzuko’s restaurant on her birthday. As the new owner of the restaurant, he orders “a meal that will make a dear friend happy”. Watch and see what Suzuko prepares!