101 kaime no puropozu (101 Proposals): Complete Box Set (DVD)

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Number of Discs : 3
Starring : Asano Atsuko, Takeda Tetsuya, Eguchi Yosuke, Tanaka Ritsuko
Episodes : 1- 12 End
Running Time : ~520 min
Dialogue / Language : Japanese
Subtitles : English
Director : Ishizaka Reiko
Regions Coding : All code, Region Free

101st Marriage Proposal is a Beauty and the Beast story starring Takeda Tetsuya (Virgin Road, 3-nen B-gumi Kinpachi Sensei) as a down-on-his-luck man who has gone through 99 omiai (arranged dates with the intention of marriage if the date goes well). Not particularly smart, nor handsome, nor rich, he is a man who cannot lie and of course, has a heart of pure gold. On the 100th omiai, he meets Kaoru (Asano Atsuko), an extremely beautiful and talented cellist who can't forget her dead fiancé.

Alternative title:

  • Title: 101ÂõûÁõÆ„ÅÆ„Éó„É≠„Éù„ɺ„Ç∫

  • Title (romaji): 101 kaime no puropozu / Hyakuikkaime no Puropozu

  • Title (English): 101 Proposals / The 101st Proposal

101 kaime no puropozu (101 Proposals): Box Set Episode Titles:

  • Ep 01: Fateful Arranged Marriage Meeting

  • Ep 02: First Bet

  • Ep 03: I'll Make You Happy

  • Ep 04: When Love Begins to Move

  • Ep 05: Can You Marry Without Love?

  • Ep 06: Engagement

  • Ep 07: Unbelieveable! That Person...

  • Ep 08: Sad Engagement Ring

  • Ep 09: Give Me Back My Fiance

  • Ep 10: I Won't Give Up

  • Ep 11: The Goddess of Love!

  • Ep 12: SAY YES!

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