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Timeshift (PS3)

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Weight : 18
Genre : Shooter
Developer : Vivendi

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Ever since the quantum time jump and betrayal of Krone occurred, life in the gameworld of Timeshift as it was was known ceased to exist. What was once a pristine and thriving city, Alpha District is now an alternate reality wrought with chaos and destruction. Join the rebel forces in Timeshift and master time to become the ultimate weapon.</p>
<strong>Timeshift Features:</strong></p>
<strong>Shift time!:</strong> Timeshift lets you stop, slow and reverse time to become the ultimate weapon.</li>
<strong>9 Timeshift Weapons:</strong> Each weapon in Timeshift has 2 functions that allow Timeshift players to completely annihilate the competition</li>
<strong>16 person Timeshifting multiplayer:</strong> Timeshift features 14 maps to create time stopping chaos and massive destruction to an already devastated world.</li>
<strong>Timeshift modes:</strong> Multiplayer includes 6 unique heart-stopping, time-crunching modes.</li>