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Re:CREATORS DVD Complete Edition

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Number of Discs : 2 DVD
Episodes : 1 - 22 End 
Dialogue / Language : Japanese 
Subtitles : English (On/Off)
Regions Coding : All code, Region Free

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High school student Sota is watching the anime Elemental Symphony of Vogelchevalier when he suddenly finds himself drawn into it. When he returns to his world, the heroine of that series, the warrior-princess Selesia Uptiria, comes with him. They soon discover that this is not an isolated case, as several characters from anime, manga, and video games are being transported into what they call "the realm of the gods" by the mysterious girl Military Uniform Princess. Some Creations seek to meet their Creators, while others have more hostile purposes.

Episode titles:

  • 1. The Wonderful Voyage -I will remember everything that happened to me.-
  • 2. Dynamite and Cool Guy ..... that wasn't funny.
  • 3. Ordinarily Extraordinary Days
  • 4. If That Happens, Give Him My Best
  • 5. At the Bottom of This Coldest Water
  • 6. Life Is Short, Love With All Your Heart, Maidens
  • 7. A Little End of the World
  • 8. Everything I Can Do
  • 9. Dig Deep, Blooming Maiden
  • 10. Don't Move! Die! Be Reborn!
  • 11. The Monster From Under the Eaves
  • 12. Too Early for the Ending Credits
  • 13. The Usual Detour and the Way Home
  • 14. Our Reasons For This Journey
  • 15. Waves Draw Near At Bewilderment's End
  • 16. Wonderful Days
  • 17. The Rhythm of the Rain That Shoots For the Roof of the World
  • 18. Us, Imperfect in Every Way
  • 19. If You Let Tenderness Enfold You
  • 20. Before the Echo Fades
  • 21. Two, For the Sake of the World
  • 22. Re:CREATORS
Alternative Titles:

レクリエイターズ (Japanese)

Genre Action, Drama, Fantasy