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Title Name : ZOUKA NO MITSU造花之蜜
Item Code : JPN 0433D
Number of Discs : 2 pcs
Starring : 檀 麗 REI DAN 相葉 香凜 KARI
Dialogue / Language : Japanese
Subtitles : Chi/Eng

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Artificial flowers honey events from a child abduction. The purposes originally thought that the prisoners money for the purpose of abduction, did not expect that prisoners do not take the initiative to ransom, but said: "If you want to pay your own set price." Do impervious prisoners, police playing too confusing. What is more, just as ridiculed police incompetence general, ransom locations even in broad daylight Shibuya Scramble crossroads. Because the hostages are protected from unheard of abduction cases seemed to be cracked ... However, this is only a small overture of this incident Bale. Hidden behind the abduction ... along with a ransom of up to seven hundred million yen (Tanabe Seiichi ornaments) designed to break the abduction case expert police Hashiba beautiful inmates claiming Lan (Tan れ い ornaments) are able to seize it.

“Zouka no Mitsu” portrays the story of a beautiful criminal (Dan), who makes incomprehensible demands, saying, “If you want to pay, you decide the amount.” Tanabe will play the role of detective Hashiba, who tracks the criminal down.