X Blades (Xbox 360)

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Number of Players : 1
Release Date : 10/2/2009
Weight : 18+
Genre : Action
Developer : Gaijin Entertainment

X-Blades a third-person hack-and-slash action title featuring an enchanting heroine that destroys anything in her path using guns, blades, magic, and a healthy dose of stylish flair. Players assume the role of Ayumi, a stunningly seductive yet tenacious heroine who battles enemies with her pistol blades, acrobatic ability, and magic spells. The story unfolds revealing demonic powers and spectacular landscapes, all ripe for exploration and battles. X-Blades features a special combination of cinematic style, stunning animation, and relentless, high speed gameplay.


X Blades Features

  • Anime noir, film-quality animation

  • High-speed gameplay

  • Purchase abilities using money attained through victories

  • In-game bestiary guide offers hints to enemies’ weaknesses

  • Upgrade magic abilities to fight off elemental beasts

  • Design your own control scheme, mapping magic attacks to the buttons you want


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