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Title Name : WALKIN' BUTTERFLY 花蝴蝶 Item Code : JPN0335D Number of Discs : 3 pcs Starring : 中別府 葵 AOI NAKABEPPU 鳥羽 Dialogue / Language : Japanese Subtitles : Chi/Eng

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The Yin security ミ チ U-(played by Beppu Kwai), 19 years old, 178 cm tall, lively, cheerful, but she had a lot of trouble, is taller than the others are also high, leading to her confession rejected!
Does not work smoothly! So lively and cheerful personality hidden behind a very strong sense of inferiority. One day, this ミ チ コ straying into Japan's cutting-edge designer Mihara Airlines (Toba Run plays), costume design post show wear high heels and nice clothes the surrounding are tall model, of ミ チ コ feel with human eyes intersect OK, I did not expect to officially walking on stage, ミ チ U stage fright, in runways feet actually lose control, step or cross does not go out, and affix the label `only` tall woman. Can not be reconciled's ミ チ the U-determined, one day she would wear the clothes designed by Mihara took to the runway, so start as a rival to Mihara! Unexpectedly, these two one meet mutual dislike rival, even gradually changes, ミ チ the U-and he started to care about anything since Mihara, care to not be able to sleep, sleepless nights.
What ミ チ U success onto the catwalk when a competent modeling? What happens and Mihara between and?

Michiko Torayasu (Aoi Nakabeppu) is a pizza delivery girl with a complex about her tall height. When she delivers pizza to a fashion show she gets mistaken for a fashion model and enters the world of modeling.

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