Vandread DVD: Complete Edition

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Number of Discs : 2
Episodes : 1-13 End
Running Time : 299 mins
Dialogue / Language : Japanese
Subtitles : English
Director : Takeshi Mori
Regions Coding : All code, Region Free

In a universe where men and women are mortal enemies, Hibiki is captured by a band of female pirates. The group find themselves stranded with a super ship they dub the Nirvana and set out for the female home planet. Along the way, they discover the existence of the "The Harvest" and the possible destruction of both men and women.


Vandread - Complete Tv Series:

  • 1.Boy Meets Girl
  • 2.And... I've Lost My Way
  • 3.This is the Path I Choose to Live
  • 4.I Want to Know More About You
  • 5.Sweet Temptation
  • 6.What a Wonderful World
  • 7.Easy Life
  • 8.Impossible!
  • 9.More Barbaric Than Heaven
  • 10.White Love
  • 11.Together
  • 12.They Don't Care About Us
  • 13.To Feel the Fire
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