Vampire Rain: Altered Species (PS3)

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Number of Players : 1
Weight : 18+
Genre : Action
Developer : Artoon Co. LTD.

Vampire Rain: Altered Species (PS3) Overview

Altered Species is an intense game of stealth, survival and all out skill that takes place during a cold, wet night in a suburban west coast city in the US. Each year, millions of people from all corners of the world merely disappear without a trace. The existence of Nightwalkers - vampires who stalk to hunt living humans under the cover of darkness - has been kept secret since antiquity. The millions who fell prey to their hunger have been treated as missing persons; questions raised as to the reasons of their disappearance have remained unanswered. It has taken humans nearly a century to comprehend the true nature of these Nightwalkers. Considering the Nightwalkers' lack of restraint in controlling their violent impulses and the magnitude of the damage they're likely to inflict, it's clear that the passive protections humans have relied on in the past will not hold up for much longer. The American Information Bureau (AIB), an elite task force, has been called to arms as a defensive first-strike. Their covert mission is to annihilate the bloodthirsty Nightwalkers; their mantra is "Fang for fang." Rain, which muzzles the keen senses of the Nightwalkers, has begun to fall, signaling the beginning of battles humans cannot afford to lose.

Vampire Rain: Altered Species is an intense game that takes place during a dreary night in a suburban, west coast city in the US. For some time now, mankind has been battling the ferocious and terrifying Nightwalkers, a race of superhuman vampires who crave human blood. People have been disappearing at night; the lucky ones are found dead, but those less fortunate are reborn as Nightwalkers, and are bound by instinct to forcefully recruit unwitting victims into the Nightwalker army. Gamers take the role of John Lloyd, a member of a US special government unit created to defeat the Nightwalkers, and the only human to ever survive a physical encounter with them.

Vampire Rain: Altered Species Features:

  • Take advantage of the shadows, high vantage points and the rain

  • Open a special mode the second time you play

  • Go online with up to 8 players across 9 diverse maps and 12 modes of play

  • Compare your skills with other online players with the Experience Points System



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