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Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE DVD Complete Season 1 + 2 + movie + OVA English Dubbed

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Number of Discs : 5 DVD
Episodes : Season 1 + 2 + movie + OVA 
Dialogue / Language : Japanese 
Subtitles : English (On/Off)
Regions Coding : All code, Region Free

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Syaoran, a boy who wants to become an archeologist, and Sakura, a princess from the Clow Kingdom, are childhood friends with a close relationship. On a fateful night, Sakura lost all her memories as a result of a conspiracy to obtain her powers. In order to regain her memory, Syaoran seeks help from the witch, Yuuko. Yuuko tells Syaoran that he has to travel from one alternate reality to another to collect fragments of Sakura's memory. However, even if Sakura regains her memory, she will have no recollection of Syaoran. Travelling together with them is Kurogane, a warrior who was exiled from his country, and Fye, a magician who wants to escape from his King. With the help of a magical creature, Mokona, they set off on an exciting journey through time and space.

Syaoran, Sakura, Kurogane, Fai and Mokona's journey through to different world's continue as they search for Sakura's feathers. The fated journey slowly becomes more complicated for our travelers, as they find themselves diving deeper into more dangerous worlds. Takes place immediately after the first season. Based on the manga by CLAMP.

In their continuing journey to find the feathers that are the fragments of Sakura's lost memory, Syaoran, Kurogane, Fai, and Sakura move through time and space with Mokona. Here, they visit the "Land of the Birdcage," a seemingly peaceful country where people and birds live together, each person having a bird companion. After a boy named Koruri confuses Syaoran and Sakura for "bodyguards" and attacks them, they learn that the king of the country possesses a mysterious power. Princess Tomoyo, Koruri, and the other oppressed citizens, having had their birds taken from them, live in hiding within the forest. In order to take back Sakura's feather, Syaoran and the others stand up against the scheming king.

Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations (OAV):
As Sakura, Shaoran, Fai, and Kurogane continues their travel across many worlds, the other "Shaoran" wakes up. The Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations reveals Fei Wong Reed's intention, and the mystery to Shaoran's left eye.

Tsubasa: Spring Thunder (OAV):
The group tries to find a way out of a world trying to keep them there. They managed to get away, but not without a few sacrifices. They end up in Kurogane's home world. Sakura-hime is trapped in the dream world. When Real Syaoran goes to save her Clone Syaoran appears.
Alternative Titles:Chronicle of the Wings
Tsubasa Chronicle
Tsubasa Chronicle : Carnet de Voyage dans les Dimensions (French)
Tsubasa: As Crónicas de Sakura (Portuguese)
Tsubasa: Cronicas de Sakura (Spanish)
TSUBASA翼 (Chinese (Taiwan))
تسوباسا كرونيكل (Arabic)
ツバサ・クロニクル (Japanese)
츠바사 RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE (Korean)
GenreDrama, Fantasy, Romance
ThemeAdventure, Magic

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