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Toaru Kagaku no Railgun (TV) Special Edition: Complete Box Set

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Number of Discs: 1
Episodes: 1-24 End
Running Time: ~600 min
Dialogue / Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English (On/Off)
Director: Tatsuyuki Nagai
Regions Coding: All code, Region Free

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Academy City is a highly developed place in terms of technology. It is said to be 20 to 30 years ahead of the rest of the world. 80% of it's 2.3 million residents are students. The focus of all studies here is directed towards esper powers. Misaka Mikoto, one of the top level espers in town, shares a room with Kuroko Shirai, another high level esper who is a member of Judgement, a law enforcing agency composed of students. Both attend to Tokiwadai, a private school reserved for the high-leveled and the rich. Kuroko's partner at Judgement, Kazari Uiharu, is a low level esper who studies at Sakugawa middle school. Her best friend and classmate there is Ruiko Saten, a level zero (no esper powers). Together, the four encounter several adventures in the exciting scientific town.
The To Aru Kagaku no Railgun side story is based on Kamachi's original story set in Academy City, a city where about 80% of its 230,000 citizens are students. The story deals with the adventures of Misaka Mikoto, one of the Level 5 psychics in the To Aru Majutsu no Index light novels.

 Episode titles:

  • 1. Electro-Master
  • 2. Rehydration is a must when doing work under the hot sun you know
  • 3. Tokiwadai in danger
  • 4. Urban legends
  • 5. A certain newcomer's induction for two
  • 6. Everyone is proactive when it comes to these kinds of things you know
  • 7. Ability and Power
  • 8. Level-Upper
  • 9. Majority report
  • 10. Silent majority
  • 11. Dr Kiyama
  • 12. AIM burst
  • 13. Bikinis halve one's attention between your upper and lower body but one-pieces accentuate the body outline so it is only suitable for slim people you know
  • 14. Special training course
  • 15. Skill-Out
  • 16. Academy City
  • 17. Spelling the summer holidays
  • 18. Thujopsis nursery
  • 19. Midsummer festival
  • 20. Poltergeist
  • 21. Voice
  • 22. The one who arrives at the meaning of god while in the body of a mortal
  • 23. Right now, what are you seeing with your eyes?
  • 24. Dear My Friends