Timeshift (PS3)

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Weight : 18
Genre : Shooter
Developer : Vivendi

Ever since the quantum time jump and betrayal of Krone occurred, life in the gameworld of Timeshift as it was was known ceased to exist. What was once a pristine and thriving city, Alpha District is now an alternate reality wrought with chaos and destruction. Join the rebel forces in Timeshift and master time to become the ultimate weapon.

Timeshift Features:

  • Shift time!: Timeshift lets you stop, slow and reverse time to become the ultimate weapon.

  • 9 Timeshift Weapons: Each weapon in Timeshift has 2 functions that allow Timeshift players to completely annihilate the competition

  • 16 person Timeshifting multiplayer: Timeshift features 14 maps to create time stopping chaos and massive destruction to an already devastated world.

  • Timeshift modes: Multiplayer includes 6 unique heart-stopping, time-crunching modes.

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