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The Solitary Gourmet 3 DVD

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Production : TV Tokyo 2013 Title Name : The Solitary Gourmet 3 DVD Number of Discs : 3 DVDs (10 episodes) Complete Starring : Matsushige Yutaka, Qusumi Masayuki & Uekusa Tomoki Dialogue / Language : Japanese Subtitles : English/Chinese Regions Coding : NTSC, All Region Code

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Actor Matsushige Yutaka (48) will star in a live-action drama adaptation of Kusumi Masayuki and Taniguchi Jiro's gourmet manga "Kodoku no Gourmet." This will be Matsushige's first time to star in a television series.

"Kodoku no Gourmet" was originally serialized in Fusosha's "Gekkan SPA!" between 1994 and 1996. It was resumed in 2008 and has been irregularly serialized since then.

The story follows a man named Inogashira Goro (played by Matsushige), who privately runs an imported dry goods business. In his spare time between work, he visits various shops and tastes their cuisine. One of the highlights of the manga is that the shops that appear in it are all real shops geared towards a general public. The drama will preserve the spirit of the manga, in which the solitary protagonist speaks very little and the focus is on his character as he eats various dishes.