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The Silver Guardian DVD Complete Season 1 + 2 English Dubbed

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Number of Discs : 2 DVD
Episodes : 1 - 18 
Dialogue / Language : English Dubbed / Japanese 
Subtitles : English (On/Off)
Regions Coding : All code, Region Free

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Season 1: 

Sui Gin may be poor, but he is one of the best online video game players. This identity however, is unknown to all except for Riku Lei, Sui Gin's classmate. She delivers a mysterious mobile device to Sui Gin but before being able to explain herself, Riku Lei is kidnapped and Sui Gin unwittingly finds himself wrapped up in series of problematic circumstances. Searching for a way to save her, he accidentally activates the device allowing him to dive into a new Virtual game-world.

Episode titles:

  • 1. Suigin Meets Riku Rei!
  • 2. Suigin Gets Closer to Riku Rei!
  • 3. Suigin Regrets the End!
  • 4. Suigin Receives A Loss!
  • 5. Suigin Inherits a Legacy!
  • 6. Suigin Pledges Himself to Riku Rei!
  • 7. Suigin's Chance Encounter With His Grandfather!
  • 8. Suigin Becomes the Last Tomb Guardian!
  • 9. Suigin Learns to Play the Grave Robbing Game!
  • 10. Suigin Stands Once Again!
  • 11. Suigin Meets Takeshi!
  • 12. Suigin's New Journey!

Season 2: 

Secretly in love with Riku Rei, the most popular girl of his school, Riku Suigin is forced to dive into "Grave Buster," the new virtual game in which Riku Rei has been kept captive. To save her, he will have the support of the beautiful Twin Star, and in addition to that, he has inherited a device charged with ten billion yen from his grandfather Ruki Yuuki. Suigin will have to become the last Guardian who protects the Tomb from the Raiders in order to save Riku Rei and solve the mysteries of Grave Buster.

Episode titles:

  • 1. The Three From the Training Institute \ Rin's True Identity
  • 2. Titan Goes Berserk / A Bewildered Suigin
  • 3. First Ally / The Conquest Begins
  • 4. Aslan's Trial / The Final Countdown
  • 5. The Door to Zero / A Reunion Through the Mirror
  • 6. The Crazy Randengyoku / Billion Player
Alternative Titles:
Gin no Guardian (Japanese)
銀の墓守り<ガーディアン> (Japanese)