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The Prince of Tennis DVD: Complete Edition

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Number of Discs : 10 DVD
Episodes : 1 - 204 End 
Dialogue / Language : Japanese 
Subtitles : English (On/Off)
Regions Coding : All code, Region Free

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The Prince of Tennis

Echizen Ryoma is a young tennis prodigy who has won 4 consecutive tennis championships but who constantly lies in the shadow of his father, a former pro tennis player. He joins the Seishun Gakuen junior highschool, one of the best tennis schools in Japan, and there along with his teamates he learns to find his own type of tennis in an attempt to defeat his biggest obstacle of all: his father as well as himself.

Episode titles:

  • 1.A Prince Appears
  • 2.Samurai Junior
  • 3.They've Arrived! The Seigaku Regulars
  • 4.The Man Called Viper
  • 5.Snake Shot
  • 6.That Man, Echizen Nanjirou
  • 7.Two Ryomas
  • 8.Split Step
  • 9.The Hard Day
  • 10.Counter Attack! Sasabe Once Again
  • 11.Echizen VS Momoshiro
  • 12.The Two "AH UN" Boys
  • 13.Men Play Doubles!
  • 14.The Swallow Return!
  • 15.Their Respective Fights
  • 16.Boomerang Snake
  • 17.The Small Winning Pose
  • 18.Love Letter
  • 19.Ryoma is Injured
  • 20.Time Limit
  • 21.Is the Tennis Court Heating Up?
  • 22.Kaoru's Misfortune
  • 23.Appeared! Inui's Juice Deluxe
  • 24.Ryoma's Holiday
  • 25.The Strongest Man in Seigaku
  • 26.The Strongest Man in Seigaku
  • 27.Karupin's Adventure
  • 28.A New Regular Appears!?
  • 29.Momo and the Viper
  • 30.Mizuki's Scenario
  • 31.Moon Volley
  • 32.Super Move! Eiji's "Pretend to Sleep" Attack!?
  • 33.Tiebreak
  • 34.Twist Spin Shot
  • 35.Drive B
  • 36.Syusuke Fuji the Big Brother 
  • 37.Tennis Ball with Ryoma's Face
  • 38.Penal Tea
  • 39.Higuma Otoshi! (Bear Drop!)
  • 40.A Duel in the Rain
  • 41.Trouble!
  • 42.Oishi Being Targeted
  • 43.Lucky Sengoku
  • 44.Jack Knife
  • 45.The Devil on the Court
  • 46.Samurai Spirit 
  • 47.Will Not Lose!
  • 48.Decisive Moment
  • 49.Different Kind of Fight 
  • 50.Seigaku's Claim to Fame!
  • 51.Inui's Challenge 
  • 52.Seigaku's Biggest Crisis
  • 53.The Momo Who's Returned
  • 54.Kaoru's Special Training
  • 55.Hyoutei Presses Near
  • 56.Doubles for Three
  • 57.Scud Serve 
  • 58.The Worst Compatability!?
  • 59.The Hidden Trouble
  • 60.Power VS Power
  • 61.Duel of Hadoukyuu!
  • 62.The Disappearing Serve
  • 63.The Last Triple Counter
  • 64.Special Tenipuri
  • 65.Become Seigaku's Pillar of Support
  • 66.Rondo Towards Destruction
  • 67.The Last Shot
  • 68.The Never Ending Tie-Break
  • 69.Who Will be a Regular?
  • 70.Tennis VS Ping Pong
  • 71.It's a Date!
  • 72.Kaoru Becomes Ryoma
  • 73.Tezuka's Decision
  • 74.A Message from Echizen
  • 75.Farewell, Tezuka Kunimitsu
  • 76.Seigaku VS Jyousei Shounan
  • 77.The Fight Between the Calm and the Passionate
  • 78.Thunderbolt
  • 79.I Formation
  • 80.Style of the Pretender
  • 81.Viper VS Fake Viper
  • 82.Hanamura's Temptation
  • 83.The Best Masterpiece
  • 84.Deep Impulse
  • 85.The Result of the Deathly Duel
  • 86.High on Rhythm!
  • 87.Prince of Tennis Special!
  • 88."Tennis Folktale - The Prince of Bowling & Prince Detective" (part II)
  • 89.Seigaku, Dadada Dan
  • 90.Cheap Housing Beach Volleyball
  • 91.Rokkaku's Freshman Captain
  • 92.The Boy with the Long Racket
  • 93.Dash Hadoukyuu
  • 94.The Secret Plot to Seal Kikumaru
  • 95.Tsubame Gaeshi, Broken!
  • 96.Ryoma, Get Pumped!
  • 97.Finishing Smash
  • 98.The Prince of Billiards
  • 99.The Cursed Racket
  • 100.Captain Oishi
  • 101.Eat Rikkaidai!
  • 102.Mizuki's Whispers
  • 103."Tossing and Turning"
  • 104.Ryoma VS Sanada
  • 105."Ryoma's Fiasco"
  • 106."Let's Go Camping!"
  • 107.The Captain Appears!?
  • 108.Surprise at the Camp!
  • 109.Tennis Biathlon
  • 110.Jump, Kabaji!
  • 111.Original Prodigy, Shuusuke Fuji
  • 112.Hadoukyuu VS Scud Serve
  • 113.Atobe the Beautiful
  • 114.Ryoma is Going!
  • 115."Baseball is a Game for Men"
  • 116."Seigaku vs. Champion Rikkaidai! I'll be the One who'll Win!" (part I)
  • 117."Seigaku vs. Champion Rikkaidai! I'll be the One who'll Win!" (part II)
  • 118."Battle Ceremony"
  • 119."Tightrope Walking Doubles"
  • 120."Kikumaru Was Read By Niou"
  • 121."Yagyuu's Decision"
  • 122."Inui Hollers"
  • 123."Conclusion Of The Remembered Game"
  • 124."Kirihara's Red Trap"
  • 125."Angry Fuji"
  • 126."Clash! Ryoma vs. Sanada""
  • 127."Invisible Serve"
  • 128."Conclusion ~ Which One will Win?"
  • 129."The Samurai's Ballad"
  • 130."We Miss Tezuka"
  • 131."Never Give Up"
  • 132.The Zany Tenipuri Family
  • 133.The Best Sushi Chef in Japan
  • 134.My Prince
  • 135.Kikumaru's Summer Vacation
  • 136.Junior Invitational, Assembles
  • 137.The Member Who was not Trusted
  • 138.Ryoma VS Kirihara! Beyond Battle Rage
  • 139.Sengoku Kiyosumi Reborn
  • 140."Welcome Back, Tezuka Kunimitsu"
  • 141."Atobe vs. Sanada: The Ultimate Showdown"
  • 142."The Boy who Came from America"
  • 143."Tezuka's Choice"
  • 144."Formation! A Dream Team"
  • 145."Ryoma vs Kevin"
  • 146."The US Team's Ambition"
  • 147."The Most Powerful! Atobe and Sanada"
  • 148."Becker's Script"
  • 149."The Tango Toward Destruction"
  • 150."Cool Boy Duo"
  • 151."Sorrowful Marionettes"
  • 152."Bobby Max The Beast"
  • 153."Defying the Limits"
  • 154."Genius Vs Tennis Machine"
  • 155."1mm Battle"
  • 156."Who Will Play?"
  • 157."Delusive Phantom Ball"
  • 158."The Long Awaited Game - Ryoma Vs Kevin"
  • 159."Illusion"
  • 160."Game and Match"
  • 161."Run, Momo!"
  • 162."The Golden Pair Memories"
  • 163."Kaidoh's Unknown World"
  • 164."Seigaku's Shocking Secret Plans"
  • 165."The Tenipuri Family Goes to Hawaii?! - Christmas at the Tenipuri Family"
  • 166.Seigaku's Speciality, again
  • 167.Eternal Rivals, Momoshiro Vs Kaidou
  • 168.Ryoma's decision
  • 169.Shaking Feelings
  • 170.Burn, Echizen!
  • 171.Deep affection for a friend
  • 172.Goodbye Seigaku
  • 173.Samurai New York
  • 174.Tezuka Kunimitsu VS Fuji Syusuke
  • 175.Seriousness of a third Year
  • 176.Climax
  • 177.Not forgettable promise
  • 178.Good Bye, Prince

The Prince of Tennis: The National Tournament

Seigaku continues their road to winning the National Championship, but only the best schools remain as they'll have to go toe-to-toe with old rivals and new foes in the National Tournament.

Episode titles:

  • 1.Return of the Prince
  • 2.Hot & Cool
  • 3.The Fourth Counter
  • 4.Kikumaru Alone
  • 5.The Longest Summer
  • 6.The Man Called Killer
  • 7.The Prince of Volleyball
  • 8.The Calm before the Storm
  • 9.Unbreakable Spirit
  • 10.Quick Battle
  • 11.Tezuka Kunimitsu
  • 12.Two of Us
  • 13.Deathmatch • Emperor vs. Prince

Tennis no Ouji-sama: Zenkoku Taikai-hen Semifinal (OAV)

Seigaku continues the National Tournament, and the Semifinal begins. This time, it wouldn't be easy as it used to be. Seigaku regulars have a hard time facing the stronger teams that they've never faced before.

Episode titles:

  • 1.Fudoumine vs. Shitenhouji Battle
  • 2.Recording of the Battle between Shitenhouji's Fuji and Shiraishi 
  • 3.The Horror Of The Amusing Tennis 
  • 4.Seigaku's Baggage
  • 5.Two doors
  • 6.One Ball Match!

Tennis no Ōji-sama: Zenkoku Taikai-hen Final (OAV)

Seigaku has finally made it to the national finals, where their final opponent stands between them and a first place victory. Seigaku's showdown with Rikkaidai will determine the top tennis team in Japan.

Episode titles:

  • 1.Episode 0: The Prince of Barbecue
  • 2.Episode 1: Showdown at the Top!
  • 3.Episode 2: Our Way of Doing Things
  • 4.Can You See Stars In Broad Daylight!?
  • 5.Episode 4: 心をひとつに
  • 6.Episode 5: 最終決戦! 王子様VS神の子
  • 7.Dear Prince ~To The Princes of Tennis~