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The Price Of Greed DVD (TVB)

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Number of Discs: 4
Starring: Sammul Chan, Bosco Wong, Shirley Yeung, Kate Tsui, Vivien Yeo
Episodes: 20
Dialogue / Language: Cantonese/Mandarin
Subtitles: English
Regions Coding: NTSCL, All Regions

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The Price of Greed 千谎百计 Vol.1-20 End DVD 

Police Constable LUI TO (WONG CHUNG CHAK, BOSCO) is shocked to discover that TSU FUNG (CHAN KIN FUNG, SAMMUL), who has reportedly gone missing for a year, is already dead and that his body been claimed by his girlfriend LAM PING (TSUI TZE SHAN, KATE). Then, suddenly and mysteriously, FUNG, who is believed to be dead, turns up again, which makes the enigma even more intriguing. The relationship between PING and FUNG is also put to the test amidst such confusion. 

It is in fact a conspiracy by PING's step mother and a conman. To begin to investigate the mystery, which nonetheless places him in great danger and causes him to lose his job. Fortunately, he has YAN YUET-MUI (YEUNG SZE KI, SHIRLEY), his childhood friend, by his side to help him through his darkest days. Ping's family has become entangled in a series of mishaps ever since her marriage to FUNG. What she doesn't know is that eight members of MAO TAI (CHAN HUNG LIT)'s con gang have already infiltrated the LAM family...