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Item Code : JPN0396D
Number of Discs : 3 pcs
Starring : 山口達也 TATSUYA YAMAGUCHI 須Ŗ
Dialogue / Language : Japanese
Subtitles : Chi/Eng

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Original wide at the end of primary school life, you want to keep playing, after graduating neighboring public schools, and, behold, the baseball team and few face dissolution, even the most good friends for the high school exam leave, disappointed in the wideunder the leadership of the Friends, go to baseball famous prestigious private schools to visit this school baseball team to attract vibrant, inspirational since you want to take the exam, to challenge the elite admission. Flat but wide in the school's achievements, the face ready to for a long time by many participants, the first mock examinations dealt a serious blow, the face of the painful results of the pass rate of only 5%, widely reconciled to cry, and more deep determination of his efforts. Yong experience to the son of secondary school examinations determination, decided to find the legendary examinations God Sugawara Road sub (into the sea glass sub-decorated) help wide tutoring, It is said that the God of the Examination in year secondary school exam, Glenealy top 17 schools, and counseling her pupils, examination rate of extraction rate is 100%. But to get her consent as a teaching is not an easy task, more rumors she often put forward and to require students learning has nothing to do strange directions. Whether what wide examination of God's favor, and do so to obtain a middle school in her brutal course?


Thirty-five year old Isamu Umezawa (Tatsuya Yamaguchi) works for a major trading firm and is a single dad to his only son, Hiroshi (Hironobu Nagashima), a sixth-grader who hates to study but loves to play baseball. Ever since his wife divorced him on a whim five years ago, his days have been a constant struggle to keep up with work and household chores. One day, Isamu sets out on the task of finding his son a prep school for junior high entrance exams, but he becomes desperate when finding that most schools have already closed off applications. It is at such a time that Isamu hears about the Goddess of Exams. Rumor has it that she was accepted at all of the 17 topnotch junior high schools with top scores 2 years ago and that whoever she tutors makes it into the school of their wish, one hundred percent. Isamu finds out that the girl's name is Michiko Sugawara (Riko Narumi) and begins a frantic search for her.