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Item Code : JPN 1031D
Number of Discs : 1 pcs
Starring : 山下智久 TOMOHISA YAMASHITA 稻
Dialogue / Language : Japanese
Subtitles : Chi/Eng

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The (Japanese: ほ, ん と に あ っ た terror い any) referred to as "real fear", the original Japanese horror fiction, and was subsequently made into a television situational drama Fuji TV. Each episode from different angles to see actual supernatural experience sent by the audience as well as ghost stories and the supernatural masters analytic the audience sent by supernatural photo photo (the heart 霊 photo), presided over by Goro Inagaki.
Red claw
Akira Ishida Fang (the Yamashita Tomohisa decorated) just switched to this new company, because often need to work overtime, so I had to drive himself to and from work, the way home only a Crossroads, go straight home the right way, this day because the body uncomfortable somehow turn into the right fork in the road, all the way to greet the woods forward until it opened to the edge of the cliff before suddenly wake up .....
Cursed ward
Sano love pears (just force color bud decoration) the novice nurses of the hospital, two of the patients to take care of her series died, during which they have been looked up staring at the ceiling of the 308 wards, she was very surprised. The third stay patient little boy infield bright, he should often stare at the ceiling the curious love pears asked in the end see what the infield bright answer: "I do not know," colleague told her a secret, who lived at 308 No. ward the patient will die, and it came to be known "curse ward, once changed to warehouse, do not know why recently changed back to the ward ...
The right shoulder of the woman
Sawada Lee recently've always wanted to break up his girlfriend Mami Ito (lotus Buddha Misako ornaments), about frequented the restaurant was going to open, it was really beautiful suddenly asked: "Do not you feel right shoulder heavy?" She said Sawada The shoulders are hanging from a long-haired woman wearing a dress, evil spirits in order to help him, really beautiful handwriting spells plastered throughout the room. Sawada very uneasy, and did not take long to detect strange around, it seems really strange thing followed him ....
Last train in the middle of the night
Running all the way to the station is already 00:50, and is upset to have missed time, I did not expect to broadcast sound, slowly into the tram, is it the last one being the tram just delayed by one hour? Harbor luck got into the carriage, strange around empty, looked around, and the hearts of hairy, suddenly, across the glass illuminates a white shadow, but obviously nobody was on the seat next to ...
Summer Memories
Satomi, Shimadzu (Karina decoration) has just moved to a new house, with her mother, brother, a family of three to live with this day her home together with my colleagues, to hear the next room came the sound of shuffle things in bed suddenly, originally did not mind , wind chimes sway constantly, the shadow slowly clear windows, appears face turned out to be a dead boyfriend Fangcun Yau Secretary! Yau Division a few months ago to be transferred to the United States, so to marry him Satomi Satomi reluctant to family, did not immediately agree, the two meet at the restaurant about to go into the details, did not think he had an accident while on the go ...