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The Charm Beneath DVD (TVB)

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Number of Discs : 6
Starring : Chan Ho, Gigi Lai, Yoyo Mung, Anne Heung Hoi Lan, Mandy Cho, Sha
Episodes : 30
Dialogue / Language : Cantonese/Mandarin
Subtitles : English
Regions Coding : NTSC, All Regions

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The Charm Beneath 胭脂水粉 Vol.1-30 End DVD 

Chuk Ming Wai (Gigi Lai Chi) is the third of the family. She has two elder brothers, Yau Shing (Tsang Wai Kuen) and Yau Yip (Moses Chan Ho), and a younger sister, Ming Man (Mandy Lee Cho). In the 1930's, the Chuk family is rich and renowned. It runs a cosmetic shop called the "Charming Flowers". Wai's father Chuk Moon Shan (Chan Hung Lit) plans to pass the family business to Shing. However, Shing dies young. His inheritance passes to Yip, who has no interest in running the business. 

After Yip takes over the "Charming Flowers", he is forced to deal with politics and hypocrites. Wai has never gained her father's heart. In order to be the chief in the family, she has constantly open quarrels and secret wrangles with her aunt Lee Nga Sin (Kiki Sheung Tin Ngor). Yip collapses under the pressure given by his uncle (Lee Kwok Lun). Wai stands by him and encourages him. When the business of the "Charming Flowers" starts to pick up, Yip accuses Wai of having a prejudice against Shing's wife Sung Wan Sheung (Anne Heung Hoi Lan). Wai suddenly feels isolated and helpless.