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Super Lovers 2 DVD: Complete Edition

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Number of Discs : 1 DVD
Episodes : 1 - 10 End  
Dialogue / Language : Japanese 
Subtitles : English (On/Off)
Regions Coding : All code, Region Free

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Kaidou Haru is the son of a famous novelist that moved to Japan at the age of eight to live with his father and stepmother and their twins. Upon receiving a summons from his biological mother to come back to Canada via being tricked, he meets Ren, a little boy who was adopted from an orphanage. Haru spends the summer growing close to Ren and makes a promise that they will live together in Japan once he finishes high school. Haru’s parents pick up Haru at the airport and there is a tragic car accident on the ride home which kills his parents and leaves him in a coma for a month. Haru loses all memories of his time in Canada and in doing so forgetting Ren.

In season two, the story focuses around Ren wanting to be seen as more than just a kid brother and worthy of being a romantic interest by trying to be more independent. Haru insists on acting like a father figure by providing Ren everything he needs and belittling him every time he makes an advance. Get ready to be angry at a full grown adult messing with a teenagers emotions.

Episode titles:

  • 1. In The Pink 
  • 2. Gold Star 
  • 3. White Lie 
  • 4. See Red 
  • 5. Black And White 
  • 6. Marine Blue 
  • 7. Sweet Peach 
  • 8. Heavy Fog 
  • 9. Silver Lining 
  • 10. Happy Days

Alternative Titles:

スーパーラヴァーズ 2 (Japanese)

ThemeYaoi / Yuri