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SP: The Motion Picture : The Day Before Revolution DVD (Japanese Movie)

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Title Name : SP: The Motion Picture : The Day Before Revolution
Version : Japanesen
Number of Discs : 1 DVDs
Episodes : movie
Starring : Junichi Okada / Yoko Maki / Teruyuki Kagawa / Satoru Matsuo / Yu Kamio
Subtitles : Chinese / English (On/Off)
Screen Format : All code, Region Free

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Kaoru Inoue had suffered a tragedy when his parents were killed by a knife-wielding man in the political rally of Assemblyman Yūzō Asada in Tokyo when he was 6. Because of this, all of his senses have been improved with the ability to detect anything in his surroundings ranging from telling who is an assassin and who is a civilian while being able to tell important details such as having photographic and tracking abilities. Veteran SP officer Sōichirō Ogata recruits him from SP training after being impressed with his training under Section 4 of the SP division. Inoue works with Eri Sasamoto, one of the few women serving in the division. Another officer is Takafumi Yamamoto, who is the only known SP officer to have MMA experience with a preference to use the 7:3 hairstyle ratio. Mitsuo Ishida is the only known SP officer in the section who had been previously married. Together, these men and women work in unison to protect the VIPs assigned to them from being killed by assassins. But when the team is assigned to protect Asada, now the Prime Minister of Japan, Inoue begins to have nightmares relating to the tragedy while Ogata strives to ensure his safety while having some secrets of his own aside from Inoue.