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Version : Japanese
Number of Discs : 3 pcs
Starring : 香椎 由宇 YUU KASHII 窪田 &#
Subtitles : Chi/Eng

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"Revolving door Corporation is a people see" throughout life memories picture "of the company, Kashii company to guide customers to watch the film commissioner, played by Yu. The content of the movie, what the guests life so far, a record guest viewpoint images, guests are free to play to the manipulation of the remote control, if there is no interest, you can stop at any time. The the movie some beautification memories, or the guests do not know the terror fact ...

Soumato Corporation is intriguing place where recorded images of one’s life can be viewed on DVD. A person who happen sto stray into Soumato Corporation, will be handed DVDs equivalent in number to his age by Kaminuma (Kashii Yu), the company’s mysterious guide. She will tell him to go back and watch his life to his heart’s content. What he will see on these DVDs is his own life through the eyes of other people. He will learn startling facts that are better left unsaid. What will he think after watching everything?