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Shugo Chara 3 : Party (TV): Complete Box Set + Soundtrack

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Number of Discs : 2DVD + 1CD
Episodes : 25
Running Time : ~600 mins
Dialogue / Language : Japanese
Subtitles : Chinese / English (On/Off)
Director : Tatsufumi Itō
Regions Coding : All code, Region Free

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At the beginning and end Three cosplayers as Amulet Heart, Amulet Spade and Amulet Clover are there to open and end the show. Then it moves on to tell 2 mini-stories featuring the charas. Finally we get to the main story. First there's a new girl. Rikka Hiiragi a new transfer student that though she has no guardian character of her own can see, understand and even collects X-Eggs. Due to everyone but Yaya graduating at the end of the year Tsukasa appears and announces that a new transfer student is being made a Guardian Apprentice. The student is non other than Hikaru. Rikka finds out and begs Amu and Nagihiko to let her be one too. They agree.

Episode titles:

  • 1. The Super-Peppy Transfer Student!
  • 2. Birth! A Guardian Apprentice!
  • 3. Sparkling Heart! Power Song!
  • 4. Hikaru vs Rabbit! The Very First Job!
  • 5. Yaya's Limitless Guarding!
  • 6. Placing the Eggs Back!
  • 7. Welcome Back! Nadeshiko!
  • 8. Charming Chara Change!
  • 9. Why!? Rima-senpai!
  • 10. Eh! Tadase-kun has a Person he Likes!?
  • 11. Sparkle treasure!
  • 12. Exhausted~ Amu-chan, becomes mommy?
  • 13. Would-be me!
  • 14. First Time Meeting this X Character!?
  • 15. Stop Fighting!
  • 16. Advance, Rikka! Guardian's Town
  • 17. Turn Turn! A Revolving World!
  • 18. An Exciting Picnic!
  • 19. Utau's Wavering Heart
  • 20. Heartbeat! Egg got X an mark on it?
  • 21. Nice to Meet You, My Name Is Hotaru.
  • 22. Hikaru and Fun Amusement Park!
  • 23. Oh No! Rikka and X Eggs?
  • 24. Believe! In My Pure Heart!
  • 25. Heartbeat of Heartbeat!!!