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Shrine of the Morning Mist: Complete Box Set (DVD)

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Number of Discs : 2
Episodes : 1-26 End
Running Time : ~312 min
Dialogue / Language : Japanese
Subtitles : English
Director : Yuji Moriyama
Regions Coding : All code, Region Free

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Since childhood, Tadahiro Amatsu has two different-colored eyes - one brown and one light hazel. But because of a dark secret behind his left eye, he's become a target for the masked sorcerer Ayatara Miramune and his band of demons. To combat the demons appearing all over town, Yuzu Hieda, a priestess in training, recruits four other girls from her high school. Under the supervision of Yuzu's elder sister Kurako, the five young priestesses must undergo months of training to master their abilities.

Alternative title:

  • Asagiri no Miko (Japanese)
  • Maidens of Morning Mist
  • Priestesses of the Morning Mist

Shrine of the Morning Mist: Box Set Episodes:

  • Episode    1. The Three Maiden Sisters Make Their Appearance
  • Episode    2. Trouble at the School Entrance Ceremony
  • Episode    3. Formation of the Shrine Committee
  • Episode    4. The Shrine Maiden Committee is Looking for Applica
  • Episode    5. Miko Council Meeting
  • Episode    6. Miko's Great Training
  • Episode    7. Shamanic Enlightenment
  • Episode    8. Yagarena
  • Episode    9. The Gale Monster Cat
  • Episode    10. Miko Big Meeting
  • Episode    11. A Passionate Love Lesson
  • Episode    12. Disturbing Festival Music
  • Episode    13. A Ghost Story Of The Dead In The Sea
  • Episode    14. Twilight Priestesses
  • Episode    15. A Transfer Student's Strange Story
  • Episode    16. Seiko's Love Letter Episode
  • Episode    17. Shizuka's Hardship Chapter
  • Episode    18. Strange Shouwa-Period Cat Legend
  • Episode    19. Chika Causes Trouble
  • Episode    20. Sakibara Communication Network Episode
  • Episode    21. Chimera
  • Episode    22. A Prelude to the End
  • Episode    23. Saniwa
  • Episode    24. Tsukumogami
  • Episode    25. Counterattack Of Miko Council
  • Episode    26. The Myth of the Morning Mist