Shipping Policy

Right, before we get into specifics, let us be clear on our shipping "philosophy":

  • We want to get things to you as quickly as humanly possible
  • To keep things simple, we offer a Standard fee for the 1st Item and subsequent add-ons
  • If there is an express shipping charge (for FedEx shipping, for example); you are charged what we are charged

From the time we receive your order and place it in our system, standard processing time is 24 - 48 hours. The delivery time after processing varies based upon the shipping method that you have selected

1) Registered Airmail

$5.99 to $8.99 for first item + $2 each additional item

Shipped via Registered Airmail(trackable). Typical delivery time is 10 - 17 working days

2) FedEx Express

$12.99 to $33.99 for first + $2 every 3 additional item

Shipped via FedEx Express. Typical delivery time is 3 - 4 working days

3) FedEx Priority

$20.99 - $45.99 for first + $5 every 5 additional item. Shipped via FedEx Priority Express (Secured FedEx Box). Typical delivery time is 2 - 3 working days

Do you ship orders overseas?

Yes, we ship orders all over the world. All order communication will occur via email, so it’s very important that your email address is current. Please make sure to double-check the shipping address, too. Your phone number is optional, but it helps in case there is a delivery problem.

Tracking Packages

You are able to track your orders when it has been sent. All order will be updated with the tracking number and you can use out tracking functions located on the left of the site.
For orders above USD 100 or equilevant, we may ask for you to prove the delivery address by emailing us a copy of your utility bill or such to properly identify the delivery location. This is to avoid misunderstandings and fraud cases. You can avoid this step if your PayPal account is Verified and is listed as the delivery address.

Do I have to pay VAT for my orders? will bear half the VAT (Value Added Tax) for orders shipped to the EU countries. In the event that VAT fees are incurred, you may contact our Customer Service Department to request a refund in PlayTech-Asia store credit. Please note that an official receipt from your local customs agent or from our logistics agent is required to successfully claim a refund. Our customer service team will guide you through the procedure once we receive your refund request. We will refund up to 50% of the fees in store credit.

Customs & Banned items

Customers are responsible for the customs duty, if any, imposed by the Local Customs Authority and should be aware of any banned items. If any order is confiscated by the Local Customs Authority of your country because of the above-mentioned reasons, we are not responsible for any replacement or refund regarding the confiscated order. If you are unsure about your Customs policies concerning your items, you may contact our Customer Service Department and our team will clarify the issue for you.
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