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Shichou Shisu

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Item Code : JPN1030D
Number of Discs : 1 pcs
Starring : 市议会议员笠木公
Dialogue / Language : Japanese
Subtitles : Chi/Eng

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Councilmember Li wooden public possession suddenly received the death of his uncle, that served as the mayor's uncle died very suspicious and began to investigate the truth behind the scenes. Uncle Tian Shan Yotaro mayor, he disappeared in a performance of official duties, a few days later his corpse in a spa. The public possession uncle things always earnest, and he does not believe that the the uncle because suddenly put down the work of a private matter, he helped the nanny uncle finishing possessions uncle's diary named Yoshiko women, so he went and babysitting accident spa, the true cause of death of the uncle of the investigation ....

Kasagi Kozo (Sorimachi Takashi), a city assembly member and also the nephew of the mayor, Tayama Yotaro (Issei Ogata), receives a call from his mother about his uncle’s death. The very diligent mayor had suddenly disappeared while on official business. A few days later, his dead body is discovered at a hot spring resort. With the help of the mayor’s housekeeper, Tezuka Sumiko (Baisho Mitsuko), Kasagi who doubts that his strait-laced uncle would have excused himself from work for a private matter, cleans up the belongings in his room after his death. That is when Kasagi finds a diary and learns from its contents that his uncle was besotted with a woman called Fujishima Yoshiko (Kimura Tae)! Is there a connection between the details in the diary and his uncle’s disappearance?