SD Gundam Force DVD: Complete Edition

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Number of Discs : 4
Episodes : 1-52 End
Running Time : 1248 mins
Dialogue / Language : Japanese
Subtitles : English
Regions Coding : All code, Region Free

The land of Neotopia is attacked by the Dark Axis, evil invaders from another dimension who wish to conquer this land. Neotopia's answer: the secret Super Dimensional Guard and their defenders, the Gundam Force. Led by Captain Gundam, the Gundam Force and its team of Gundams with special abilities are aided by a boy named Shute as they stop at nothing to defend the land from the Dark Axis and to defeat them once and for all.

Gundam Force SD:

  • 1.His Name is Captain
  • 2.Soul Drive, Activate!
  • 3.Zero, the Flying Knight
  • 4.Attack the Enemy Musai!
  • 5.Gundam Force, Team Up!
  • 6.The Blazing Samurai Comes to Neotopia
  • 7.Go! Gunbiker!
  • 8.A Princess, A Cake, and the Winged Knight
  • 9.Bakunetsumaru's Struggle
  • 10.Gundam Force Triple Attack!
  • 11.The Mystery of LaCroix Pt 1: Arrival
  • 12.The Mystery of LaCroix Pt 2: Trapped
  • 13.The Mystery of LaCroix Pt 3: Return
  • 14.Under Cover Mission! Learn the Gundam Force's Secrets!
  • 15.March Wing: GunEagle
  • 16.Masters of the Deep Sea: GunDivers!
  • 17.Ashuramaru: The Old Rival Returns
  • 18.Fly, Captain! The SDG Base Hangs by a Thread!
  • 19.Showdown! Bakunetsumaru vs. Ashuramaru
  • 20.Fenn's Disaster
  • 21.Awakening! Feather Dragon
  • 22.Attack of the Big-Zam
  • 23.Fire Up! Captain System
  • 24.Trouble! Stolen Soul Drive
  • 25.Neotopia's Moment of Truth
  • 26.The Final Battle! Commander vs. Captain
  • 27.Charge! Dark Axis
  • 28.Three Paths
  • 29.The Final Blow is Dealt!? The Threat of the Minofus Boundary
  • 30.Revival! We are the Leaders!?
  • 31.The Demon Blade, Epyon
  • 32.Epyon's Assault!
  • 33.Reclaim! The Cursed Princess Lacroa
  • 34.The Black Robe of Princess Lacroa
  • 35.World's Greatest! Volume of Genkimaruuuuuuuuuuuuu!
  • 36.Onigiri and the Garden of Wisdom
  • 37.Crash! The Dark Deathscythe
  • 38.Princess Lili, Reborn!
  • 39.Garbera's Cry
  • 40.Kiba-Oh-Maru's Invasion!
  • 41.Imprisoned Shute and Lili
  • 42.Disturbances of the Horoscope
  • 43.Final Move! Kiba-Oh-Maru vs. Shute
  • 44.Baku-Shin-maru, Ignite!
  • 45.Gundam Force Assemble!
  • 52.The Way Home
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