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Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live DVD Complete Series

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Number of Discs : 1 DVD
Episodes : 1 - 12 End 
Dialogue / Language : Japanese 
Subtitles : English (On/Off)
Regions Coding : All code, Region Free

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Naru Ayase is an 8th grader who can see the colors of music when she listens to it. For Naru, who is extremely good at deco-ing Prism Stones, becoming the owner of a shop like Dear Crown was her dream. One day, she finds out that the manager of a newly-opened shop is recruiting middle school girls who can do Prism Dance, and immediately applies. Naru begins to Prism Dance at the audition, and an aura she's never experienced spreads out in front of her. At that moment, a mysterious girl named Rinne asks her if she can see "rainbow music".

Episode titles:

  • 1.I'm Naru! I'll Beco~me a Shop Manager!
  • 2.Leave it to Ann! Poppin Sweets
  • 3.Cross is Ito? COOL & HOT
  • 4.Welcome to Prism Stone Easter!
  • 5.My Song is Filled With Dreams ♡ Of Various Colors
  • 6.A Cool Heart Heats Up With the Beat!
  • 7.Sweet Magic on a Stubborn Old Man
  • 8.A Man's Battle is a Dance Battle
  • 9.The Prism Live is a Storm After the Rain
  • 10.The Mysterious Life Form Appears at Prism Stone!
  • 11.Go for Dreaming Session!
  • 12.Fly! Feathers of Courage!
  • 13.The Rainbow Bridge That Connects Hearts
  • 14.Rinne's Secret
  • 15.Otoha's Fairytale Tea Party
  • 16.Wakana's Happy Freedom! Meow
  • 17.Proud & Strong, Bell Blooms
  • 18.I'm Hiro! Absolute IDOL☆I-N-G
  • 19.The Thread That Ties Hearts Together
  • 20.Overlapping Hearts, Excitement Session!
  • 21.The Second Audition
  • 22.The Promise and the Special Sandwich
  • 23.A Prism Wind That Carries Memories
  • 24.The Queen All Alone
  • 25.Goodbye, Bell
  • 26.A Happy Rain That Calls a Rainbow
  • 27.Peacock Sensei Gets Mad!
  • 28.Prism Talk With Lady Juné!
  • 29.I'm Bell! I'll Beco~me a Shop Manager!
  • 30.The Crossroad of Vows
  • 31.Aiming to be a Hero! Freedom!!
  • 32.The Goddess Juné Who Flies to Love
  • 33.Triangle Date Meow♡
  • 34.If You're Happy Naru, Let's Hold Hands!
  • 35.This Ain't No Good With Shuffle Duos!
  • 36.The Two Get Along Awesome at the Sleepover!?
  • 37.The Sad Lucky Star
  • 38.The Happy Bell Rings on the Holy Night
  • 39.Hot Spring Steam! The Legend of the Rainbow-Colored Kappa
  • 40.Double Confession? I Love You, Senpai!
  • 41.Bonds Tied Together by Stars
  • 42.Naru in a Pinch! The Disappearance of Lovelin
  • 43.Decision of the Angel
  • 44.The Savior of the Rainbow is You!
  • 45.Revolution of the Rose
  • 48.Being Myself, Being a Human
  • 49.Until My Life Burns Away...
  • 50.The Shine is Right at Your Side
  • 51.GIFT