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Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future DVD Complete Box Set

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Number of Discs : 1 DVD
Episodes : 1 - 13 End 
Dialogue / Language : Japanese 
Subtitles : English (On/Off)
Regions Coding : All code, Region Free

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Three years have passed since the events of Aurora Dream... At Pretty Top, a new generation of girls dreaming of being Prism Stars have endeavored through their training. One day, Ayami, Karin and Reina find themselves on the same stage as their predecessors, when Mia Ageha suddenly jumps up on stage and demands to challenge the legendary Prism Show unit MARs. To keep this challenge, the 4 girls are sent to become a new Prism Show unit, Prizmmy☆. As the girls waver and then jump back up, they deepen their friendship and aim for their debut together. To add to it all, 5 girls have come from abroad to Japan to study at Pretty Top to have their debut as well. In order to meet their future, the girls stand on the stage, and the show starts.

Episode titles:

  • 1.Hello My Future
  • 2.I Give You The Sparkling Crown
  • 3.Get! My Fan Call
  • 4.Revolution of the Heart: Prism Act!
  • 5.First Love!? My☆Prince
  • 6.Banning Memo Memo Will Trouble Me!
  • 7.Struggle to be Leader! Prizmmy☆ General Election
  • 8.The Last Member Hates Pointlessness!
  • 9.Swaying Heart! Battle of the Handsome Male Designers
  • 10.Mia Withdraws!? The Serious Battle With Aira
  • 11.The Heart-Beating♥Hot Spring Training Camp With MARs
  • 12.Stand Up! My Girl's Soul!
  • 13.The Day of Fate Clad in Perfume!
  • 14.PURETTY's P-nation of Ups and Downs
  • 15.The Excitement of Roses♥The Secret Prince
  • 16.Independent Study with Magical Mion!
  • 17.The Ruler of the Zoo, Shi Yoon
  • 18.Summer Vacation! The Summer-Colored Mermaid
  • 19.The Curtain Rises on the Summer Festa! PURETTY GO! GO! GO!
  • 20.The Last Note is the Scent of Passion
  • 21.Hearts That Take Flight, The Symphonia's Awakening
  • 22.Shuffling Hearts With Big Love
  • 23.Silver Screen Celebrity Story
  • 24.Get the Treasure! The Charms' Big Adventure!
  • 25.Healthy is the Best! Prism Cooking
  • 26.Black & White Wedding
  • 27.Shall We Dance With a New Team?
  • 28.Rizumu's Confession. The Word of Love is......
  • 29.The I LOVE YOU Offered to the Muse
  • 30.The Halloween Coordination is a Love-Mix Concerto
  • 31.Cheer! Yeah X2! Let Your Dreams Blossom!
  • 32.Wind, Blow! Right Into the Prism Heart
  • 33.The Munch Munch Restaurant of Love
  • 34.Dance, Dance Teacher!
  • 35.So Min's Heart-Throbbing Heartbreak
  • 36.Maiden's Competition: Road to Symphonia
  • 37.Aira's Decision
  • 38.Dreams and the Secret Metamorphosis
  • 39.The Silent Princess
  • 40.The Secret of the Birth of the Symphonia
  • 41.The Pretty Remake of Friendship
  • 42.Go! Sky High to the Edge of the Galaxy!
  • 43.Stand Up, Star!
  • 44.Passion Revolution
  • 45.Prelude of the Starry Sky
  • 46.Struggle for the Center! The Rival is a Friend?
  • 47.Selfish Mia: An Unprecedented Sudden-Cancellation Crisis
  • 48.The Curtain Rises! Grateful Symphonia
  • 49.The Tomorrow That Will Be Lost
  • 50.The Future Me is Number One!
  • 51.Dear My Future