One Piece 6: Box Set (DVD)

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Number of Discs : 4
Episodes : 251 - 300
Running Time : 900 mins
Dialogue / Language : Japanese
Subtitles : English (On/Off)
Regions Coding : All code, Region Free

Before he was exacuted, the legendary Pirate King Gold Roger revealed that he had hidden the treasure One Piece somewhere in the Grand Line. Now, many pirates are off looking for this legendary treasure to claim the title Pirate King. One pirate, Monkey D. Luffy, is a boy who had eaten the Devil's Fruit and gained rubber powers. Now he and his crew are off to find One Piece, while battling enemies and making new friends along the way.

One Piece 6:

  • 251. The Truth Behind the Betrayal! Robin's Sorrowful Decision!
  • 252. The Crew-Separating Steam Whistle! The Sea Train Begins to Run
  • 253. Sanji Breaks In! The Sea Train Battle in the Storm!
  • 254. The Cry of Nami's Soul! Straw Hat Luffy Returns!
  • 255. Another Sea Train? Rocketman Sortie
  • 256. Rescue Our Friends! Fists that Pledge the Bond Between Enemies!
  • 257. Smash the Wave! Luffy and Zoro's Strongest Combo
  • 258. A Man of Mystery Appears!? His Name is SogeKing!
  • 259. Cook Confrontation! Sanji VS Ramen Kenpo
  • 260. Duel on the Roof! Franky VS Nero
  • 261. Crash! Demon Cutter Zoro VS Ship Cutter T-Bone
  • 262. Robin Struggles! SogeKing's Clever Scheme!!
  • 263. The Judiciary Island! The Whole Picture of Enies Lobby!
  • 264. Operation Disembarkation Commences! The Straw Hats are Breaking In!
  • 265. Luffy Charges! Great Decisive Battle on the Judiciary Island!
  • 266. Battle with the Giants! Open the Second Gate!
  • 267. Open the Means of Escape! The Rocketman that Flies through the Sky!
  • 268. Catch Up with Luffy! The Straw Hat Crew's All-Out War
  • 269. Robin was Betrayed! The Expectations of the World Government!
  • 270. Give Robin Back! Luffy VS Blueno!
  • 271. Don't Stop! Raise the Signal Fire of a Counterattack!
  • 272. Luffy in Sight! Gather at the Courthouse Square
  • 273. All for the Sake of Protecting My Friends! Gear Second is in Motion!
  • 274. Answer Us, Robin! The Shouts of the Straw Hat Crew!!
  • 275. Robin's Past! The Girl Called a Devil!
  • 276. A Mother and Child's Destiny! That Mother's Name is Olvia!
  • 277. Ohara's Tragedy! Terror of the Buster Call
  • 278. Say You Want to Live! We are Nakama!!
  • 279. Jump Into the Falls! Luffy's Feelings!!
  • 280. A Man's Way of Life! Zoro's Deeds, Usopp's Dream
  • 281. Tears Which Weaved the Bonds of Friendship! Nami's Map of the World
  • 282. Partings Which Refine Men! Sanji and Chopper
  • 283. All for the Sake of a Nakama! Robin in Darkness!
  • 284. The Blueprints Aren't Entrusted! Franky's Decision
  • 285. Retrieve the 5 Keys! The Straw Hat Crew VS CP9
  • 286. Power of the Devil Fruit! Kaku and Jabura Transform
  • 287. Even if I die, I won't kick you! Sanji's Manly Soldier Way!
  • 288. Fukurou's Miscalculation! My cola is the water of life
  • 289. Zoro's New Technique Explodes! The Katana's Name is SogeKing?
  • 290. Uncontrollable! Chopper's Forbidden Rumble
  • 291. Boss Luffy Again! Dream or Reality Lottery Riot
  • 292. The Great Race at the Rice Cake Firewood Castle! Red Nose's Conspiracy
  • 293. Bubble User Kalifa! Nami Draws Near to the Soap's Trap
  • 294. Resounding Bad News! Invoke the Buster Call!
  • 295. 5 Namis? Counterattack Together with a Mirage!
  • 296. Nami's Decision! Shoot the Rampaging Chopper!
  • 297. Hunter Sanji Appears? An Elegy for the Lying Wolf
  • 298. The Scorching Kick! Sanji's Full Course Footwork
  • 299. A Fierce Attack of Drawn Swords! Zoro VS Kaku: The Powerful Slashing Showdown
  • 300. Zoro the Fierce God! The Incarnation of Asura Revealed by His Soul
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