Neon Genesis Evangelion: Complete Box Set (DVD)

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Number of Discs : 3
Episodes : 1-26 End
Running Time : 650 mins
Dialogue / Language : English Dubbed, Japanese
Subtitles : English
Director : Hideaki Anno
Regions Coding : All code, Region Free

At the age of 14 Shinji Ikari is summoned by his father to the city of Neo Tokyo-3 after several years of separation. There he unwillingly accepts the task of becoming the pilot of a giant robot by the name EVA01 and protect the world from the enigmatic invaders known as "angels." Even though he repeatedly questions why he has accepted this mission from his estranged and cold father, his doing so helps him to gradually accept himself. However, why exactly are the angels attacking and what are his father’s true intentions are yet to be unraveled.

Alternative title:

  • Evangelion
  • Ewangelia nowego stworzenia (Polish)
  • Neo Genesis Evangelion (Spanish)
  • Shin Seiki Evangelion (Japanese)












Neon Genesis Evangelion:

  • 1.Angel Attack
  • 2.The Beast
  • 3.A Transfer
  • 4.Hedgehog's Dilemma
  • 5.Rei I
  • 6.Rei II
  • 7.A Human Work
  • 8.Asuka Strikes!
  • 9.Both of You, Dance Like You Want To Win!
  • 10.Magma Diver
  • 11.The Day Tokyo-3 Stood Still
  • 12.She Said, "Don't Make Others Suffer For Your Personal Hatred."
  • 13.Liliputian Hitcher
  • 14.Weaving a Story
  • 15.Those women longed for the touch of others' lips and thus invited their kisses
  • 16.Splitting of the Breast
  • 17.Fourth Children
  • 18.Ambivalence
  • 19.Introjection
  • 20.Weaving a Story II: Oral Stage
  • 21.He Was Aware That He Was Still a Child
  • 22.Don't Be
  • 23.Rei III
  • 24.The Beginning and the End, or "Knockin' on Heaven's Door"
  • 25.Do You Love Me?
  • 26.Take Care of Yourself
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