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Natsuko Kira DVD (Japanese Drama)

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Title Name : ales Department Manager Natsuko Kira (literal title)
Version : Japanese
Number of Discs : 3 DVDs
Episodes : 1 - 10 End
Starring : Nanako Matsushima/Ryuhei Matsuda/Daigo/Yoshinori Okada
Subtitles : Chinese / English (On/Off)
Screen Format : All code, Region Free

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Natsuko Kira (Nanako Matsushima) was a popular creative director at an advertising firm. She worked very hard, but she left for a maternity leave. 3 years later, she is now back at work. Natsuko wants to work in the creative department where she worked before, but she has to work in the sales department. What awaits for her there are employees who do not trust her. She is busy with work there and she has also has to deal with problems at home.

Alternative Titles:Natsuko Kira (English title)
Sales Department Manager Natsuko Kira (literal title)
Eigyo Bucho Kira Natsuko
営業部長 吉良奈津子