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Version : Japanese
Number of Discs : 3 pcs
Starring : 多部 未華子 MIKAKO TABE 小&#
Subtitles : Chi/Eng
Catalogue Number : 9555499403777

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Takeuchi forbearance actor is the first corner of the challenges teachers more than not Hanako. The student composition of juvenile detective played by former Tianhang Ji, Bin Tianlong Chen, Takahashi Akira. The classmate female classmate played by Yagi excellent Greek, shore side of the United States waves, Ninomiya Star, Air-brother • Maeda Wong Chi Lang participate in performances. In addition, Koike Teppei played crush forbearance of Interpol • new rattan repair level, their supervisors by paragraph Tian An is played Forbearance mother Keiko Matsuzaka played forbearance by the office of the school's teachings director of the small Japanese Man World played. The forbearance and Shindo fell in love and secretly jealous of the white-collar elite, played by Koji Yamamoto, parents of students from the warm water Yoichi Saito, played by the first episode of the special performances for a long time this Yami Fu Tian Jingzi, Kimura Yuichi Really gathered a character actor in a. Holds a Primary School Teacher endure temporary worked Osaka civilian areas Parkway Elementary School, served as version 2 of the 6th grade class teacher. Curiosity and action are very strong tolerance of cases around the incredible depth investigation. Tolerance and the spirit is not lost on her teenagers together to solve the cases of policemen headache. Tolerance is a young girl, she used her unique sensibility and reasoning to solve a case. Episode will play such a lens - hate mystery novels usual twists and turns, and bent the sake of the students and forbearance murderer said: "I road the forbearance!"

Shinobu Takeuchi (Mikako Tabe) becomes a homeroom teacher at Ooki Elemntary School in Osaka, Japan. Shinobu loves mystery novels and can't stand things when it doesn't turn out right. Shinobu then attempts to solve a difficult cases that even detectives can't solve.