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My Love Patzzi DVD + BTS (Deluxe)

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Title Name : My Love Patzzi DVD + BTS (Deluxe) Number of Discs : 5 DVDs + 1 VCD Starring : Jang Na Ra, Kim Rae Won, Kim Jae Won Dialogue / Language : Korean/Mandarin Subtitles : English/Traditional Chinese/Malay Regions Coding : NTSC, All Regions

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This romance comedy drama are based on the Korean folk tale of Kongji and Patji.  It's like the Korean version of Cinderella, where Patji is the evil, ugly, mean sister who no one likes.  Kongji is supposedly the super nice one that ends up with the prince at the end. This drama is a parody of that story in which Kongji isn't really all that nice.  She's just pretending to be nice to get men and Patji, although a bit mischievious and rude, really is a nice girl inside.

The story starts with Song-yi (Patji) and Hee-won (Kongji) in elementary school.  Song-yi likes a certain boy who's quite popular with all the girls.  Hee-won says she herself is not interested in him because Song-yi likes him.  When the teacher says to pick your favorite guy to sit with, Song-yi boldly grabs the boy's hand.  Then Hee-won goes up to the same guy and tells him to sit with her!  The boy rips his hand from Song-yi and grabs Hee-won's.  Song-yi, furious over the fact that Hee-won stole her guy, throws her shoe at her and beats her up!  It's years later and nothing's changed.  Hee-won is still the nice one that all the guys like.  Song-yi is still the loud, obnoxious girl who no one likes.  Throw in a rich, good-looking guy that thinks Song-yi is an angel for saving his life and the reappearance of Mr. Elementary School guy and you get a very entertaining series!