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Mottomo Toi Ginga DVD

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Production : TV Asahi 2013 Title Name : Mottomo Toi Ginga DVD Number of Discs : 2 DVDs (2 Episode) Starring : Tomokazu Miura, Hideaki Ito, Yu Aoi & Manami Konishi Dialogue / Language : Japanese Subtitles : English/Chinese Regions Coding : NTSC, All Region Code

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Detective Seiichiro (Tomokazu Miura) has reached retirement age and retires. He's still haunted by an unsolved case from 7 years earlier. A woman's body was found in the sea. At minimum, Detective Seiichiro wanted to at least identify the body, but could not.

Three years after Detective Seiichiro's retirement, he comes across new evidence in the unsolved case. Detective Seiichiro also learns from his doctor that he has very little time left to live. He can't tell his wife about his physical condition. Despite his wife's objection, Detective Seiichiro decides to reinvestigate the unsolved case with Detective Kaoru (Manami Konishi).

During the investigation, Seiichiro and Detective Kaoru finally finds Haruyuki (Hideaki Ito) who is involved in the case. Meanwhile, Haruyuki meets Akane (Yu Aoi) who strongly resembles his dead lover. Akane is also the daughter of a construction company CEO.