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Version : Japanese
Number of Discs : 3 pcs
Starring : 菜菜緒 NANAO 中丸 雄一
Subtitles : Chi/Eng

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The hero is a super unfortunate beauty, the Konno spring (Cai Cai thread). She has no beauty at all tables, so met her male memorable, incurred in the pursuit of many men, and can not live a normal life, ravaged by the lonely crowd eventually had to break away. Character of some weak art students Akamatsu Keisuke (Nakamaru Yuichi) for the credits, as a lecturer at the Academy of Art professor the Castle Peak of benevolence (Feng Jianche), painting classes. Where he met Jen lover spring, tried to deny her beauty, but its ability to attract irresistibly.

 No words are adequate to describe the beauty of the unfortunate Konno Izumi (Nanao). Nearly all the men who look at her fall in love at first sight, even if it is a fleeting encounter. Because they almost certainly bear down on Izumi to ask her to go out with them, her beauty is her ruin. She is not able to work and leads a lonely life concealed from society. And while she is mistress of the popular oil painter, Aoyama Jin (Kazama Toru), who is a playboy and professor at the Tokyo Institute of Art, she does not get any money from the series of paintings Aoyama had done with her as his model because his income is controlled by his wife.